The Biggest Takeaway From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I didn’t watch tonight’s Victoria’s Secret show. I don’t own a television set. However, tonight I logged into Twitter and took a quick browse through the #VSFashionShow hashtag. You know what I discovered?

That despite the feminist lies and deceit about how all bodies are beautiful, fat people should be accepted, and men are shallow pigs – women clearly realize, deep down, their sexual marketplace value is directly derived from their bodies. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see all of these women on Twitter bemoaning how they wish they looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. After all, I thought that it was the personality that truly counts?

For a relationship, it does a little. However, women all know, deep in their biological core – they can’t get their foot in the door with a high value man unless they’re slim and cute.

Here are just a few tweets from your average girl.

Watched about 4 seconds of the and looked straight at my belly. It’ll never change

Watching this and cursing genetics for being 5’2″

I think I just learned the reason why all the models are angels in the – because they’re dead from being too skinny

It’s ok, they all have terrible personalities.

Never. Eating. Again.

Just search #VSFashionShow if you want to see more. Of course, women aren’t much different than men who are keyboard jockeys. They will sit around tweeting how much they hate the Angels, but never actually do anything about it.

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  • M3 says:

    “They will sit around tweeting how much they hate the Angels”

    Sell them a pill that would give them that body, that height or that cuteness in under 7 days without effort.. you’d be burning money for fun. They don’t hate the Angels.. they hate that they’re not one themselves and can’t be part of the elite exclusive herd that garners attention without effort, moxy or tankgrl attitude.

    Women who were fat who work their ass off (pun intended) and become part of the skinny privilege club aren’t lock step with their crisco sistahs about this.

  • Ashley says:

    I have my doubts that the girls cursing their genetics are the same ones that chant about how all bodies are beautiful. There’s definitely a divide between women here. I can’t really relate to either side because I’m only 5’2 and I love watching things like the VS Fashion Show and Miss USA. I’m definitely not going to bash my body or my lifestyle out of envy or jealousy over these models. I don’t compare myself to these women at alI. So many women do and that’s what I don’t get. The VS models train all year to look the way they do…and they are jealous of girls on the couch eating pizza. Idk. I just don’t see why more women can’t just be unapologetic to themselves about the way they are. Or if they want to look better, they can, like you said, do something about it.

    • The biggest thing girls need to realize is that they don’t need to look THAT good for 99% of men.

      Squat 2x a week, lift upper body 1x a week, and 2x days of cardio, along with a healthy diet – will do WONDERS for most girls figures. In fact, it would put them ahead of probably 80% of American girls.

      • sway says:

        Trouble makes a great point here: men may love VS models, but a man will ABSOLUTELY fall for a girl who is slightly above average (and in many cases, average), if average means “thin” and they accent with long hair and decent dress and makeup. Women don’t believe this because they only love the top 20%. Projection + feels > logic.

      • It’s a sad world where men are quite happy with “passingly pleasant” because the choices are so poor.

      • sway says:

        I suppose. At the same time, I imagine back in the “good ol days”, some guys would still really be into a girl if she was plain. If the 1-10 scale follows standard distribution, 7/8+ becomes a real rarity.

      • Ah, now I get where you’re going with this. Maybe it’s just hard for me to fathom dating being a relatively easy thing; i.e. a man finding an attractive woman to marry.

        I’m trying to find a study that’s not snore-inducing academic about SD and attractiveness. I found this (http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-mathematics-of-beauty/) OKCupid one, but they’re basing it off of messages sent/received which is total bullshit with online dating.

    • TeutonicLore says:

      Personally I see it as a case of “grass greener”; the bodybuilder envies the sloth and the sloth envies the bodybuilder (sometimes) – what they actually envy is the end result, deep down there is always a recurring thought that details LOGICALLY how it can happen otherwise the bodybuilder would no longer be the bodybuilder and the sloth no longer the sloth.
      Women will envy Victoria’s secret because of the end-result, what they see and they are shown, instantly seeing their own deficiencies, drawing a conclusion (sometimes absolute fantasy) as to what their life is like or what it takes “oh they were just born that way” which I have heard all too often.
      Trouble-Maker is correct; most average guys who want the romantic aspects to their lives to be as idyllic and seemingly simple (guys do it too) do not want a VS model in reality, but it seems a girl who has a pleasant attitude and takes care of herself in tandem with an equal amount of expectation from her partner (case in point the modern western female has an inordinate amount of wants from their guy while at the same time believing that simply their presence is above and beyond all she should give in return) is becoming rarer than hens’ teeth.

  • sway says:

    > Watching this and cursing genetics for being 5’2″

    LOL @ girls once again for misunderstanding male attraction cues. They love tall men, so they think men generally love tall women. Girls: men don’t love the Victoria’s Secret models because they are tall, they love them 95% because of amazing bodies (thin), and 5% gorgeous faces/lips/hair. Height just makes the clothes look better.

    • TeutonicLore says:

      lets not forget the fact that in a lot of ways its not JUST the gorgeous lips/face/hair – its the proportion, you can get a girl who is 5’2 but still has amazing proportions (i.e. legs to hips, upper to lower torso and of course arse and boobs etc) and personally I dig a girls proportions but again women will over-simplify the wrong things and over-complicate the wrong things again.

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