The Biggest Takeaway From The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - This Is Trouble

The Biggest Takeaway From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I didn’t watch tonight’s Victoria’s Secret show. I don’t own a television set. However, tonight I logged into Twitter and took a quick browse through the #VSFashionShow hashtag. You know what I discovered?

That despite the feminist lies and deceit about how all bodies are beautiful, fat people should be accepted, and men are shallow pigs – women clearly realize, deep down, their sexual marketplace value is directly derived from their bodies. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see all of these women on Twitter bemoaning how they wish they looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. After all, I thought that it was the personality that truly counts?

For a relationship, it does a little. However, women all know, deep in their biological core – they can’t get their foot in the door with a high value man unless they’re slim and cute.

Here are just a few tweets from your average girl.

Watched about 4 seconds of the and looked straight at my belly. It’ll never change

Watching this and cursing genetics for being 5’2″

I think I just learned the reason why all the models are angels in the – because they’re dead from being too skinny

It’s ok, they all have terrible personalities.

Never. Eating. Again.

Just search #VSFashionShow if you want to see more. Of course, women aren’t much different than men who are keyboard jockeys. They will sit around tweeting how much they hate the Angels, but never actually do anything about it.

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