Gaming Over The Holidays - This Is Trouble

Gaming Over The Holidays

For a man with game, the holiday season usually boils down to one or two things. There tends to be two different opinions on the matter.

Camp #1

Some men find that meeting girls, getting lays, and certainly getting into relationships is drastically easier at this time of year. Due to the societal pressures women face to be with a partner and get married, the holiday times is when they are bombarded with questions about why they’re single. Of course, these questions are usually from their fat Aunt Marge who is about as attractive as a pile of maggots, but the pressure is there, nonetheless. When you add in romantic, “couple holidays” such as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the pressure is enormous for a girl to have someone – anyone.

Does this make having a one night stand easier? I would say it actually makes it harder. Girls want some sort of security blanket, even if they don’t want to marry you, they want the guarantee that someone of the opposite sex will be around to spend the upcoming holidays with. They want to be just like the rest of their herd of friends. Therefore, last year at this time when I was single, I noticed that it was actually easier to get dates. The girls I dated around that time I also settled into mini-relationships with, at least until I went the path of commitment with my current girlfriend, Holly.

Camp #2

The people on this side of the fence often feel that girls hole themselves up with a warm cup of cocoa in front of a fire, and therefore, meeting and banging new girls becomes more difficult. This is partially due to girls settling into some sort of relationship as outlined above, and that over the winter months, the general sexual energy of the population dwindles. This is understandable in colder climates.

Perhaps someone from a colder area can comment more about this, but I live in Southern California. As of writing this on November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, it’s 75 degrees. It’s summertime for twelve months a year here. The heaviest jacket I own is a hoodie. Girls here don’t hole up and hibernate like bears during the winter months. I would love to hear opinions about New York City in the winter, because it’s probably reasonable to assume that any cold city is going to have less sexual prospects than NYC at any point.

Where do you stand on the matter? Do you live in a cold climate? Share your thoughts below.

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