Respect In Relationships - This Is Trouble

Respect In Relationships

There is a lot of “wisdom” floating around out there in the Manosphere regarding relationships. This is not one of the typical ones.

Usually, the advice for relationships is centered around dominating your woman. Making her your slave. Molding her to your highest standards and desires. While I don’t think it’s always intended, it’s written in a tone with no respect. And truthfully, I agree with a lot of it. Most women, especially in America, don’t deserve an ounce of respect from you. However, assuming you have done the proper screening and not just jumped in a relationship with any broad off the street, there is one thing missing in a lot of the posts about relationship.


Yes, you should respect the girl you are in a relationship with. It baffles me that people think otherwise. Why would you get into a relationship with a girl who was not high quality; meaning that you obviously don’t respect her. That is the girl you pump and dump. The one you decide to give something deeper too should absolutely have your respect.

Does this mean you give in to her every whim? Spoil her? Let her make decisions? Absolutely not. You still lead, still dominate, still rock her world in bed. But you respect her for her strengths, faults, and respect her as a person. Yes, this sometimes means getting her opinion on matters, not that she has final say. Everything is not always as cut and dry as it seems.

And if you don’t respect her, I don’t know why you’re with her in the first place.

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