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A Genuine Question To Women

Dear Women:

I have something that has been nagging me for a long time. It’s regarding the friend zone situation. If you’re an attractive woman, you’ve no doubt at some point in your life had a male, whom you considered just a friend, come on to you. And, if you’re an unattractive women, you can kindly shove off and go do your homework.

Most of the time, these were guys that were just friendly to you and hoped that someday, according to the rules of Disney, that you would fall in love with them. Eventually they got so sick of pining after you, they confessed their love; often in embarrassing ways. I am willing to bet the majority of the time, you gave them a response something along these lines:

  • Oh my God…I had no idea!
  • You’re a great guy…but, we’re too good of friends.
  • Let’s hang out and see where it goes, maybe I can develop feelings for you.

Of course, we all know those responses are pure, 100% grade-A bullshit. Women, you are born with the natural gift to read body language, feelings, and sexual intentions. From the time you’re five years old and Daddy’s little girl, you know how to manipulate men into giving you what you want by throwing a fit. This goes double if you actually are a cute kid. By the time you’re fourteen, you’ve fended off come-ons from older high schoolers, and are a master assassin when it comes to understanding and toying with men’s feelings. So, don’t try to feed me the crap about how you had no idea that your “best friend” of three years – who takes you to dinner, listens to your petty gossip, and just drops everything at anytime to be with you – has a major crush on you. I don’t believe it for one second.

Despite this, even after you had shot him down, I bet you didn’t have the decency to cut him loose completely. You gave him a small slimmer of hope so that you could continue stringing along the free meals and attention. Meanwhile, he continued to fall deeper and deeper in love while you furthered manipulated the knife into his back. Of course, you likely thought nothing of this whole ordeal and continued to laugh behind his back with your girlfriends about what a good, little, but pathetic puppy dog he was.

Now, the question I’d like to pose to all women, as indicated by the title, is this:

How would you feel if it was your son on the receiving end of that?

Just something to think about.

I’ll share the comments in a new post.

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