And The Nice Guys Wept Over Charles Manson

…because the 80-year-old murderer is marrying a hotter girl than they’ll ever get. Enjoy the leftovers from the trash of society. If you consider yourself a nice guy, is THIS enough to finally bring you to the dark side?

Mass murderer Charles Manson plans to marry a 26-year-old woman who left her Midwestern home and spent the past nine years trying to help exonerate him.

Afton Elaine Burton, the raven-haired bride-to-be, said she loves the man convicted in the notorious murders of seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

This isn’t the case of the woman falling in love with the high school quarterback because he doesn’t give a shit. This is even beyond the usual sob story of chicks chasing jerks. This woman is just an extreme case, but her actions in this case largely represent the way woman act as a whole. There is just no resisting the panty moistening allure of the bad boy for them.

Just take a look at the happy couple!


She’s definitely cute, at least in these pictures being spread around by the media. If you search Google a little more, you’ll find more pictures of her – and she’s not as cute as the ones being featured in most of the articles. Regardless though, for an 80 year old guy with a fucking swastika on his forehead. Oh, and she got a matching tattoo, just to show her love.

Meanwhile, the stable computer programmer is left running macros on POF in hopes that he catches a whale.


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  • sportsforaliving says:

    That picture. Words fail.

  • M3 says:

    Ya think she might just have ‘daddy issues’ much?

    Nice guys want relationships.. they don’t want to fuck a darwin award nomination. They might cry that Manson is banging hot, but they’d never be happy being in a relationship. As the saying goes .. don’t stick your dick in crazy .. unless you already are.

    These 2 are perfect for each other. She’s a game-able pump and dump prospect perfect for pick up.. anathema for what ‘nice guys’ desire.

  • smitty says:

    “Meanwhile, the stable computer programmer is left running macros on POF in hopes that he catches a whale.”

    Plenty o’ [freaky] Fish… only the second worse place to find a stable romantic partner, man or woman. The first, of course, is death row.

    Tell that stable computer programmer to get off PoF. Sites like this one don’t do him any favors, either.

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  • Halfbreed says:

    California should have executed Manson decades ago.

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