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What The Fuck Am I Doing?

I’m over a month into my new job. It’s been quite the flip from what I’m used to. As you know, I work in tech. Most specifically, I deal with mission critical data centers. I’m now on the complete opposite end from where I was at my last job. When I was living in San Diego, I worked in support – for one of the biggest vendors in the industry. It was my problem to fix anything and everything that a customer opened a ticket about. When you’re dealing with major banks, retailers, and more, there’s no telling how critical issues can get. On most days, I’d take about eight different tickets. Once those tickets hit my desk, I had to make contact and have a plan of action within an hour in the worst case scenario.

Needless to say, it was chaotic at times.

Now I’m on the flip side of the spectrum – I’m one of the customers themselves. Things are much, much slower on this end. Rather than having to have an answer within an hour, I’m told that “sometime by the end of the month is cool.” In reality, it’s been incredibly easy so far. This has it’s pros and cons.


  • I have a ton of free time at work to…well, you know.
  • I’m never stressed
  • I have a ton of energy for after work, as evidenced by the volume of posts that have been going up here at This Is Trouble


  • All that free time means…I’m bored. A lot.
  • I’m not being challenged at all.
  • Things that I want to implement into our systems to improve everything take FOREVER to get approval for.

It’s a massive trade off. One of my best friends, whom I worked with at my previous job, thinks it’s not good to be bored at work. He stresses that I need something to challenge me and keep me engaged. At the same time, I’m getting paid close to 50% more to do maybe one tenth of the work I had at my old job. I’m collecting a huge paycheck, not doing a whole lot, and am generally feeling as carefree and happy as a clam. While I realize a man needs something to keep him engaged and interested, that’s why I’m focusing so hard on my side projects. This blog is seeing five posts a week now, and my book is getting a thousand or so words cranked out on it every night.

More pay, less stress? I’ll take it. At the same time, I feel bad wasting so many hours doing…nothing. For now, I will continue to do so and continue launching an all out assault at the online world.

I’d be a fool to go back.

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