24 Hour Fitness Is A Gym For Amateurs

After another gym session today filled with amateurs, I feel the need to rant. I’ve been playing a bit of “gym limbo” in the last couple of months due to my living situation. Up until I moved on August 5th, I had a 24 Hour Fitness membership. I had one of the nice Super Sport locations down the street from my apartment, as well as an Active location just five minutes from work. I paid $45 a month. Then, I moved to a new location in San Diego and promptly cancelled the membership because there wasn’t a good location nearby. They were kind enough to allow me to still work out until September 5th, which was about the time I was in the air with my living situation, so I held off on obtaining a new gym membership.


Then I moved to Santa Monica, and was greeted by absurd pricing for all gyms within walking distance to my apartment and/or work. With a corporate discount, the only other full-on gyms (i.e. not Crossfit “gyms” or Pilates studios) were either $80 a month or $150 a month, respectively.

I’m not willing to shell out that kind of cash just so I can lift some weights. I have no interest in group exercise classes, steam rooms, or any of the other crap the high end gyms throw at you; and provided workout towels aren’t worth that kind of a premium price. So instead of going with the premium options, I reactivated at the local 24 Hour Fitness Express for a much more reasonable $30 a month. And I should have expected this at the price point I’m paying, but it’s beyond what I imagined.

This gym is absolute amateur hour.

Just today, I witnessed the following items:

  • A man with the typical American manboob physique (skinny everywhere except for his beer belly, wearing a tight wife beater) who spent far more time reorganizing the dumbbells than he did actually working out.
  • Another manboob attempting to shoulder shrug 75 pounds of weight, except he would throw his back and his calves into it to perform the exercise. It looked like a weird combination of a calf raise, deadlift, and shoulder shrug. On top of that, he dropped one of the 75 pound dumbbells, missing my foot by about six inches. Who the hell drops the weight on a shoulder shrug?!
  • A woman who weighed probably 250 pounds riding the bike and yapping on the phone the entire time. Wonder why she’s fat.
  • Manboob bench pressing 45 pounds – meaning just the bar itself. Now, it’s one thing if there’s plenty of equipment. Everyone has to build a foundation at some point. But when there’s only one bench press rack in the entire gym, you better be putting some weight on and not holding up the rest of the line. If there were five bench presses and they were all open, I’d have no issues with it.
  • Multiple fat personal trainers giving advice which might be my biggest pet peeve in the entire world.

Those monthly premiums are looking better and better every day. From now on, I’ll be steering clear of 24 Hour Fitness.

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Haha. So true. 24 Hour Fitness can be a freak show. It seems that there’s always a group of chubby Persian women in velour Juicy Couture tracksuits chatting to one another on the elliptical machines. There seem to be a lot of homeless people and crazy black guys who hang out there. And don’t get me started on the fat personal trainers. WTF? That’s why I switched gyms.

  • Mina Smith says:

    Can always recommend the old, dirty hole in the wall man gyms. Usually daily fee under $10 too.

  • TheShido says:

    Ah, gymtards. All the more reason to plug in your music and focus on your own workout.

    I’m more concerned with the gym fees. Almost a grand a year to work out? I pay a little under 600 a year and I still think it’s too much. I’d recommend looking for the most bare-bones, ‘Russia in the 60s’ type gyms. You’ll find the most serious motherfuckers, and lowest prices, there.

    • I’m only paying $360 annually. I passed on the expensive places.

      See comment below too, SM doesn’t have the grungy kind of places you’re referring to. I wish.

      • TheShido says:

        As long as it has a squat rack and free weights, you’re set.

        I’m in the same boat – I’m gonna have to make do with a suburban gym full of MILFs, yoga booty and high schoolers.

  • Alexander Thompson says:

    I got two idiots benching a bar and gawking at some fat chic across the floor.

    Of course I’m on my phone at the gym so am I much better. Yes. Yes, I am.

  • audiorebellion says:

    If you have the space buy you own equipment.
    I was faced with these same choices last summer. The gym i used to train at was closing down. The alternatives were terrible. So i priced out what i needed to train safely/properly.
    I spent just under $600 initially but i don’t regret it.
    It’s truly wonderful to go lift in my basement. No driving or walking to and from the gym. I work out on my own schedule not when my gym is open.

  • Séan says:

    A good rule of thumb is: the grimier and in the worse part of town the gym is, the better the clientele and the equipment will be.

    A McGym will cater for the lowest common denominator: attention-whoring iPhone addicted princesses taking selfies in the mirror and 48 year old housewives trying to loose some of that cottage cheese by waddling their fat arses back and forth on the treadmill to hell.

    You want somewhere where men are crying out in agony from grinding out heavy ass lifts, free of the interference of the PC police who shield the snowflakes from the “trauma” of listening to men of steel improve themselves under the weight of a heavy-ass barbell.

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  • Wi Tu Lo says:

    I hate scenes like this in “gyms.” I travel a lot on business and see this sort of shit in hotel “gyms.” It’s a fucking joke. Especially when some idiot they have “supervising” the gym starts trying to act like a personal trainer. I’ve told that type of faggot to fuck off more than once.

    Really, what is needed is a gym that is exclusive. A gym that you have to apply for membership to and you only get in if you demonstrate that you are serious about working out, not a faggot, or if you are skinny woman with a nice ass.

    • TroubleMaker says:

      That’s actually a fantastic idea…no doubt there are a handful of laws preventing something like it.

    • Fat person trainers are pretty…hilarious.

    • Fedora Wu says:

      Hi “Wi Tu Lo”, it doesn’t sound like you’re educated at all. First of all, i’m not sure if you know this, but the term “faggot” is not accepted in society anymore. It’s derogatory, and a bunch of my friends are “faggots”. Yeah yeah yeah, you mean “idiot” or “dumbass”, i know. Try using that. Using that word in a negative way has a negative connotation, let’s try to be more positive.

      Also, making fun of the airplane crash? really? I bet you’re some white bigot that’s super into Asian girls. I bet you’re a misogynist and really have no idea how to get girls. I mean, women. Or have any idea how to properly exercise.

      • Actually, the term “faggot” is perfectly acceptable on this blog – so kindly go fuck yourself, faggot.

      • Fedora Wu says:

        I actually don’t need to fuck myself, I have a girlfriend that does that for me. Thanks for the offer though. And if my faggot friends heard you say that in West Hollywood, you’d probably be on the ground already. Here’s a tip: you should watch what you say or just don’t say it.

        Ps I thought the gym was supposed to be a place where you encourage people with positive words and a healthier lifestyle! Anyways, have a great day.

        Pps. You sound like a homophobe. Do you know that the most homophobic people turn out to be gay? You might just be a faggot, my friend. Then we can be friends, I LOVE gay people. Food for thought.

        pps why dont you post a picture of yourself? i have an inkling of a feeling your physique isn’t all that it seems on the surface.

        pps. have you considered using other words in your lexicon such as imbecile, idiot, etc? im sure you’re a smart man 😉

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