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“Just Rape Me Already”

Ugh, just rape me already!

– My girlfriend, in a frustrated tone as I rolled away from her in bed.rapeme2

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. Here was my girlfriend, whom I’ve been seeing for well over a year, still attempting to play coy and make her pursue her. The thing is, at this point in my relationship, I understand pretty well how relationship game works. It’s been a very happy ten months that we’ve been exclusively together. It’s not that she’s trying to play hard to get, or trying to get me to “pursue” her so that she has the upper hand in the relationship. Rather, it’s because she’s comfortable with her sexuality with me, and wants to channel her inner 50 Shades and have me take her.

What does “take her” mean?

Let me get one thing straight before the feminists come crashing through the gates with a full force of menstruation fury behind them.

I do not condone rape – it is a horrible thing.

So, when a girl wants you to take her, she wants you to be the big daddy. This means to dominate her in bed, make her cum, and generally do whatever the hell you want to her in bed. Make her your personal little cum dumpster – trust me, it’s what she wants in the bedroom. Many of you have often probably heard a woman, in the throws of passion, throw out statements such as:

  • “Use me for your pleasure”
  • Cum inside me”
  • Do whatever you want to me”

This is because, on a biological basis, women are meant to serve men; both in and outside of the bedroom. The outside the bedroom argument is for another day, though. When it comes to sex, women wouldn’t be saying things such as the aforementioned statements if they didn’t derive pleasure in pleasing you. It is more pleasurable for her to please you than to have you supplicate and try to please her. This is why going down on a woman in an effort to make her cum is grossly overrated as a way to keep her cuming back for more.

What does “just rape me already” really mean?

It means that my lady is completely comfortable with sharing her darker sexual fantasies with me. Which I then share on my blog. Great guy I am, really. She’ll be furious when she finds out, I can’t wait. However, I don’t mind sharing this because all women have these same fantasies and desires.

  • Women desire to be taken by a strong man
  • Women desire to be dominated in and out of the bedroom
  • Women derive pleasure from pleasing a high value man

My girlfriend is, by all accounts, a perfectly normal and sweet girl. Low N-count, raised by a stable family, and an overall sweetheart. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a more erotic side. Every girl does.

It’s up to you to unlock it.

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