Bachelor Pad Decorating – Help Me Out!

My new apartment in Santa Monica has the following outdoor balcony/patio with my unit.


This thing is a whopping 500 square feet. The apartment itself is maybe 700 square feet total, and 500 square feet is larger than most of the studio apartments around this area. How much am I paying for rent? Don’t fucking ask.

In any case, I’m trying to figure out what to put out in that patio area in the coming months. I anticipate being in this apartment for at least a year, if not much longer than that. The new job is awesome so far, and I love Los Angeles in general. Walking to work and running on the beach whenever I want makes the premium I’m paying for this place well worth it, in both time and gas saved with all the walking I’m doing.

In any case, I’m trying to figure out what the hell to put on this “second” apartment I have, most of which is outdoors. Considerations include:

  • A pool table – the issue is that the patio is not evenly sloped at all. I’d have to build some sort of balancing system with wood boards, most likely. I would plan to spend ~$300 on a table, and just let it be subjected to the elements; albeit I’d cover it. If it has to be replaced in a year, so be it.
  • An outdoor bar – I plan to do this regardless. The question is – how much to spend? I have enough bar-tending equipment to fill up a decent sized, “L-shape” bar. Outdoor bars are not cheap.
  • An outdoor fire pit or table. I’d love something like the below, but they’re pricey.


  • I want to get a dog, maybe even a puppy. I’ve debated getting a Husky. I could get a big patch of fake grass, and a pool, and just make it a “doggy” play area. Granted, I could still put a bar and a few other things around, but fake grass is surprisingly expensive.

In any case, I’m open to suggestions or additional ideas. What do you think?

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  • The Myth says:

    Making a fire pit is cheap and easy – there are a ton of DYI guides online. Personally I got a steel one, painted black, on sale at Home Depot for $100 then used paving bricks to build around it to make it look like a built in. Look for discount outdoor furniture and definitely get some type of awning – again an outdoor furniture place might have something on sale. You’re going to want some type of shade at some point.

    I like the idea of an outdoor couch (still outdoor furniture) for the ladies to cuddle up on, especially with a drink. Definitely spend a little cash on lighting. You want indirect lighting, the more the better so you can control the mood. It can make plain concrete look a lot better and make the whole place look a lot more expensive than it is. Last thing is see if you can get some cheap plants. A little greenery goes a long way to softening the prison yard feel of a concrete backyard. Congrats on the new place! Gonna have a great time there.

    • Problem is that I can’t dig into the ground. It’s on the second story with concrete. I’ll keep an eye on a sale for one soon. I already got lights (see my comment above) and the bar.

      A dartboard is probably a cheap and great idea, too.

      • The Myth says:

        yeah I meant one of those steel ones you can move around… the bricks or stones are optional but you literally just stack them like legos. no mortar or digging at all. the bricks are extra though – not necessary. dart board idea is great.

  • Mike says:

    Start small. Ikea has small wood plant tables that people string together with their cushions for a seating area. Cheap and looks good. Stuff like that, slowly build it up. Do not buy some big furniture set. Buy those string bulb (real glass) lights and string a few of them across from the roof to the fence. A few of them will create dope lighting outside and girls love them. Get them from target for cheap. A fountain, etc would look good but slowly add it. You want a reason to go out there with chicks too. Beer pong table or paddle tennis under the roof part. Reason to go out, flip on the lights, and later you chill in the seating area with a cocktail. Can slowly add a bar, etc. Small brass fire pits are cheap and movable (also at target), landlord may not allow stuff like that though. But the bulbs, some seating, firepit, etc can be done for 200-300. Not a bad start.

    Pass on the dog for now. They will tear up the place and too much responsibility for now. Many a friend has had to move from great places in LA cause of their dogs. Get one later when you have an actual yard.

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