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Gaming Over The Holidays

For a man with game, the holiday season usually boils down to one or two things. There tends to be two different opinions on the matter. Camp #1 Some men find that meeting girls, getting lays, and certainly getting into relationships is drastically easier at this time of year. Due to the societal pressures women […]

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Respect In Relationships

There is a lot of “wisdom” floating around out there in the Manosphere regarding relationships. This is not one of the typical ones. Usually, the advice for relationships is centered around dominating your woman. Making her your slave. Molding her to your highest standards and desires. While I don’t think it’s always intended, it’s written […]

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A Genuine Question To Women

Dear Women: I have something that has been nagging me for a long time. It’s regarding the friend zone situation. If you’re an attractive woman, you’ve no doubt at some point in your life had a male, whom you considered just a friend, come on to you. And, if you’re an unattractive women, you can kindly […]

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The Questions Game

If you’re on a date with a cutie, and things are stalling, this is an easy way to get the conversation rolling again. In fact, it’s so effective for moving the seduction forward, I recommend playing it regardless of how well you two are hitting it off. The questions game gets you down to the […]

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Easy Drinks To Make For Girls

Here’s a list of easy drink recipes you can use to seduce a lady. These go slightly beyond something as simple as a vodka-soda or rum-and-coke. They will give you enough of a “bartending DHV” to actually impress a girl. Tequila Drinks Tequila Sunrise Ingredients needed: Tequila, grenadine, orange juice, ice Pour a shot of […]

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And The Nice Guys Wept Over Charles Manson

…because the 80-year-old murderer is marrying a hotter girl than they’ll ever get. Enjoy the leftovers from the trash of society. If you consider yourself a nice guy, is THIS enough to finally bring you to the dark side? Mass murderer Charles Manson plans to marry a 26-year-old woman who left her Midwestern home and spent […]

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What The Fuck Am I Doing?

I’m over a month into my new job. It’s been quite the flip from what I’m used to. As you know, I work in tech. Most specifically, I deal with mission critical data centers. I’m now on the complete opposite end from where I was at my last job. When I was living in San […]

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The Story Of My Ex: Part 2

Click here for part 1. “So…there’s this guy at work that really likes me.” Here we go again, I thought to myself. This was nothing new for me, I was used to all sorts of men hitting on and trying to get into my girlfriend’s pants. What could I really expect though? I was at one […]

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The Story Of My Ex: Part 1

Despite all the ups and downs I’ve publicly posted to this blog for the last year and a half (325 posts and counting!), there’s one subject I really haven’t discussed much – my ex girlfriend. Part of it is wanting to focus on the present and always strive forward. And…part of it is just…shame. It’s […]

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