Are You Losing Your Hair? The Propecia Results

I’m twenty three years old. I started losing all of my hair once I graduated college and began a real job.

I was 21.

It’s pretty devastating to start losing all of your hair at that age. I was just coming into my own with girls, confidence, and my career. Now my head was going to be a whole different animal. Here’s how bad the situation was getting:


Before Propecia.

Then though, I went to London and met up with a fellow blogger, YouSoWould. Even though he had over a decade on me, he had the lane of a lion. He told me about Propecia, or Finasteride. I went to the doctor the week after I got back from Europe and got a prescription. I began taking it at the beginning of May.

I then took the below picture about three months after I started taking Propecia. Admittedly, my hair is a little bit shorter in this picture, but it’s also fresh out of the shower – which generally makes your hair appear thinner. It’s been a few months since this picture was taken, and I can attest that my hair has continued to thicken since then. While Propecia won’t regrow hair you’ve already lost, it will thicken and strengthen the hair you have left on your head.


Propecia results.

So, what’s the catch? I haven’t had any yet as far as side effects. Propecia can be kind of pricey, from what I’ve heard though. I’m lucky enough to have great insurance, I’ve been refilling my prescription at about $8 a bottle, which lasts three to four months. However, my doctor told me that it usually costs $50+ for a single prescription. It’s not cheap, but neither are the alternatives.

In any case, it’s definitely worth a shot. There are resources to get it from overseas for cheaper, if you look hard enough. Getting on Propecia was one of the better choices I’ve made. While I believe getting older and bald can be sexy, I was too young to be walking around with no hair.

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Just clip it short like Krauser and rock the ‘badass’ look.

  • Former Hairstylist says:

    Nioxin brand of hair products will also thicken and strengthen your hair, from the outside in. Pairing with Propecia might help maximize results.

  • William says:

    Looks like it made a significant difference. I personally like to go with the buzzed/shaved head look, love feeling the wind on my scalp.

  • DoubleLongDaddy says:

    ” I thought you said you had black hair, hah i knew it fake”- Neckbeard Gamedenilist, Captain of the Bronie brigade

  • mikehawke03 says:

    Best side effect of propecia: if you get a girl pregnant the baby will have birth defects. One more reason for her to take plan b 🙂

  • Enricopallazzo says:

    Impotence is an actual potential side effect.

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