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Inspirational Movies To Give You A Kick In The Ass

While browsing my extensive movie collection tonight (i.e. clearing my hard drive), I went through and made a note of the movies that really inspired me. Whether that be fitness, money, or just general ass kicking, here’s a few that stood out against the rest. Most of them are relatively recent.

In no particular order:



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Ben Affleck kills it as the director and actor in this one. It gives me a sense of heroism and American pride; whether that’s a good thing or not.



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A reminder that government is not always on your side.

The Guardian


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I’m not a big Kutcher fan normally, but this movie is awesome. While it’s better to fake it until you make it as far as self-confidence, there comes a point where being an arrogant bastard is not attractive – whether it be women, business, or male friends. Kutcher goes from an arrogant prick to a real man who shows heroism.

The 5 Year Engagement


IMDB | No buy link, it’s that bad.


This movie is inspiring in a sense that it inspires me to never get married. Watch this movie and I guarantee you’ll say, “YUCK.”

The Wolf of Wall Street


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  • Hot babes.
  • Money.
  • Drugs.
  • Struggle.
  • A fuck ton more money.

What else do you need to inspire you?



IMDB 2012

I’m not gonna lie, this movie is just okay, plot-wise. 2012, the world is ending – nothing new to see here. However, it does such destruction throughout the movie but you can’t help but feel motivated. The whole world is literally swallowed up in a combination of earthquakes, volcanoes, and massive tsunamis.

What if this WAS your last day on Earth? 

  • Would you be happy with what you had done in your life, previously?
  • How many regrets would you have? Could you live with them?
  • Did you conquer your fears?
  • Were you moving forward, or were you stagnant?
  • Would you die a happy man?

Depending on your answers, you may have a lot of work to do.

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