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Blogging Isn’t Easy

I first started writing This Is Trouble in July of 2013, and I couldn’t wait to get started. Now, nearly a year and a half into this journey, I find myself struggling to keep up with it. Unfortunately this is not an occasional lack of motivation, but rather a consistent unwillingness to put the time into the grind of making this website the real success I know it is capable of becoming. My hiatus didn’t do shit. Truthfully, I look at the sheer number of posts that I published last year and early 2014, and look at September/October 2014 – and I’m just disgusted with myself.

Seven whole posts in September? Four in October as of writing this (10/19)?

I can and should be doing better. I’m not sure what it is, either. Obviously I’ve been busy moving for my new job and new life in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t excuse numbers that pitiful. Is it because I’m currently very happy in a relationship, and therefore I’m not out gaming and nailing sluts all the time? Perhaps. It’s not like I don’t have interesting things going on in my life, but as this blog has grown I have seen it less and less as a personal blog to dump my random thoughts on, and more of an actual resource for men to help find themselves.

Maybe though, what drew initial readers to This Is Trouble anyway were my personal tidbits, that hopefully other young men can learn from.

In any case, whether it be laziness, blog burnout, or the other projects taking too much of my time, I am making an effort to jump-start my efforts on this blog again. So, go follow me on Twitter, sign up for the email list, and stay tuned for more trouble.

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