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A Fucked Up, But Probably Effective, Idea To Get Girls

While I’m in the middle of my move from San Diego to Los Angeles, I’m still dealing with breaking my lease in San Diego. I gave my notice mid-September, and my landlord wanted the following:

– $800 for October’s rent (already paid)
– $800 for all of November’s rent
– Keep my $800 deposit
– Additional cleaning fee of $200

With the legal help of a fellow blogger, I’m in the middle of fighting the bitch off. I offered to split November rent, saying she could take it out of the $800 deposit owed to me (meaning she would owe me $800). I’m not getting my hopes up on that. I decided it would be a good idea to protect myself, so I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for renters. This places responsibility of accepting one of them, or simply not making money, on the landlord. This absolves me from being on the hook for the rent if the landlord refuses to stop being stubborn and just take a new tenant.

One bed, one bath in <neighborhood> on <street>, just two blocks behind <store>.Please TEXT to set up an appointment to see it; starting tomorrow, 10/7/14.

I received well over fifty emails, texts, and calls over the next several days. Granted, that apartment was in a very desirable neighborhood and the $800 price point was absolute robbery. After setting up several appointments I simply became overwhelmed with the sheer number of people wanting to see it, so I simply scheduled an open house and told everyone to come whenever.
Now, to the point of the article, there were no less than a half dozen cute girls that came through my apartment that day. Granted, none of them are actually getting the apartment, but they were there and I was in position of authority. Not that I was trying anything with a girlfriend in the wings, but it would have been easy pickings if I’d run a little game. How hard would it really be to run a little game, stoke a little fire of attraction, then say you’re having fun and try to bounce her to a nearby bar? Granted, it seems a little counter-intuitive to move her away from the bedroom, but you’d have to do something to disable the slut defense.
This is probably not a move best suited for amateurs. In summary:
  • Advertise your pad on Craigslist, even if you’re not renting it. Give it a good price.
  • Clean said apartment.
  • Let the inquiries roll in. Ask them their name if they don’t give it to you. Simply stop responding to the men, and try to coax a picture out of the girls.
  • Make appointments to see the girls in your apartment.
  • Run game.
  • Escalate as much as you can.

If someone manages to pull this off, you were be featured on this blog.

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