A Night in Los Angeles With Dagonet and Danger & Play

My move to Los Angeles is complete. And while it has not been without it’s ups and downs (not having internet or gas for another week, who knew it would take these companies TWO WEEKS to come out and “turn things on”), I have to give a major thank you to both Dagonet/Quest For 50 and Mike from Danger & Play for showing me some hotspots and giving me general advice about Los Angeles and everything that it has to offer.

Here’s what I think about the city (specifically Santa Monica, where I’m living) so far.

There’s some stunning girls.1330145

Holy moly, San Diego pales in comparison to all of the hotties strutting around the Third Street Promenade every day of the week. Everywhere you go, every street corner, every market – there’s plenty of beauties around. Even when going out with Dagonet and Mike, the ratios weren’t horrible – I’d say they were maybe 2 guys:1 girl at the worst.

In San Diego, a “good” night is 4 guys:1 girl, with the average night being more like 5-6:1.

It’s very lively.

I’m coming from a “sleepy” city in San Diego. Meaning, everybody is super laid back, nobody is ever rushing to get anywhere, and a lot of people like to just sit around and smoke pot and drink all the time. In contrast, even the “sleepy” city of Santa Monica just seems quite a bit more dynamic than San Diego ever did. Downtown San Diego was quiet most nights except Friday and Saturday, whereas downtown Santa Monica has people out and about every day so far. I’d know, since I walk right through it every day.

Traffic really, REALLY sucks.

Thank goodness I can walk to work. I had to go to Target one day, and a four mile trek by car was 20 minutes. Add in trying to find parking, finding a ticket validation, and the general craziness that is Los Angeles driving and it’s simply not worth it. I would rather slit my wrists than commute an hour or more to work every day.

So far, I really like it.

I’ll be posting much more about it in the coming months, no doubt. Los Angeles – trouble has arrived.


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  • William says:

    Los Angeles is awesome, I grew up there and have lived in the area my entire life. I agree with all of your points. LA is a very large and populated city, so this gives it a dynamic feel and just the right amount of relaxing contrast that a place like New York could never give you (that city is hustle 24/7).

    And yes the traffic sucks balls.

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