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I’m A Hypocrite; Being A Fat Fuck Is Fun

Earlier this year I wrote a post absolutely hating on cruises. I said that they were gross, full of fat people, with shitty food and overpriced excursions. I’m writing this post while airborne on a flight to Mexico, and I have to admit to being a bit of a hypocrite. I’m not going on a cruise, but am heading to an all-inclusive resort for a week of unlimited drinking and eating.

It worked out well with my work schedule – as I was transitioning to a weekend shift. Typically, when you do that, you get a Saturday-Wednesday off, then begin the typical weekend schedule of Thursday-Sunday. Well, I took two vacation days on the Thursday and Friday, meaning I only had to use two vacation days to get 10 out of 12 days off. It was kind of last minute, but it seemed like a great idea to just go and de-stress for a few days, so I booked an all-inclusive with my girl; mostly because I’m a lazy fuck and didn’t want to worry about anything once I landed.

And truthfully, while the amount of gorging I’ll likely do this week is already making me a bit nauseous, the pricing is pretty damn good. Granted, it’s hurricane season. And a hurricane ruined my first choice of destination. Fortunately I was able to re-book to a different part of Mexico.

In any case, for two people in a five-star resort, with roundtrip airfare and unlimited food and booze for five days – total cost: $1475.

While I wrote in that cruise post that all-inclusive like vacations don’t allow for any personal growth, I already had one of those trips this year, and even went as far as writing what amounted to a 70 page book about it. This time it was about relaxation and recharging before I begin the challenges that will come with my new job. I fully intend to drink $1475 worth of booze on this trip.

With that being said, I’ll wrote on and off all week, and came back with some killer content to share with you all.

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