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Double Edged Sword

For those with a true knowledge of attraction realize that it actually isn’t that fickle. Rather, when you understand the underlying biology behind male and female interactions, it is no longer the confounding issue that every guy who was raised on the Disney Channel faces at some point in his life. They start to understand women, and rather than being angry at what they are, begin to have a, “Well, here’s the cards that are in play. Might as well give it my best shot.”, kind of attitude, rather than bemoaning the downfall of the nice guys.

The problem is that when you start to come out on the other side of the tunnel, you begin to see the double edged sword. You realize that a direct action of yours will attract a girl, and at the same time crush her heart. This isn’t a matter of being a flat-out asshole, but rather a direct consequence of being an attractive, goal-chasing man. On the flip side, you also realize that a failure to take said actions, while she might say it makes her happy – will do little other than make her subconsciously lose respect, and therefore, attraction to you. And with your understanding of how attraction works, you know that, as good as her heart is, you have to throw all her words out the window.

That’s the current dilemma I’m in.

As I recently mentioned, I took a job up in Santa Monica. Needless to say, my girlfriend Holly is not exactly thrilled about the situation. While I didn’t quite get offered what I was hoping, it was still a fifty percent raise from my previous salary, and it’s pretty much impossible to say no to that. Now I’m a 23-year old just barely short of the elusive six figure mark, and while I still don’t want to be a slave to Corporate America for the rest of my life, I’m not currently making enough via This Is Trouble to cut the lifeline. Someday, soon.

The girlfriend wants me to stay. I don’t blame her at all. However, I know if I stay – especially for her – the relationship will go down the drain. Women are naturally attracted to a man who goes after what he wants, and though they’ll never admit it, they don’t want you to chase them. They want to pursue a man who has a mission, no matter what the mission is; as long as it comes before them.

A Disney-trained man without the Red Pill knowledge would have floundered in this situation. And while I’m a bit apprehensive about moving, and love San Diego, there’s very little holding me here except a few friends and Holly.

Staying here for her would have resulted in a slow and painful death for the relationship. I was boxed into a lose-lose situation either way. These are the moments, the ones in which you have no choice but to cause pain due to knowing the truth, that make unplugging from the Disney Channel so painful. 

It makes me sad there’s nothing I can do to ease that pain.

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