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Finally, An Official Hiatus

I’ve been bad about posting. Really bad.

What was once a blog that was updated five times a week now is lucky to get two posts a week. My schedule for the next month is chaos, as I got and took this job.

September 21-26: Vacation in Mexico!
September 27-30: Back in SD, work two 12s and two 8 hour shifts. The 30th is my final day and I’ll have to wipe all my equipment and move out of the office
October 2-6: Take trip to Los Angeles to apartment hunt
October 6-12: Probably have to go back to LA to finalize apartment paperwork, buy out of my current lease, sell two bikes and two guitars (hopefully), say final goodbyes to everyone here, prepare to begin work at the new job and oh yeah…move my entire life up to LA.
Oct 13: New job starts
So, it’s going to be crazy. Therefore, I’m taking a hiatus during my vacation and extending said hiatus through the end of this month. I’ll resume posting after my current job ends, when I should have a little bit of free time. I’ll also write a few posts before that and get ahead of the curve.
I hope you continue reading and stick with my writing through my lack of recent posts.
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