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How To Use Your Main Job To Work On Side Hustles

A man should have many projects and hustles going on in his life apart from his normal office job, if he’s unfortunate enough to have one. For those with experience in the corporate world, you have probably come face to face with a rather strange reality. This reality assumes you are of above average intelligence; and it’s somewhat safe to assume if you found this website and are reading it, you are probably above average intelligence.

While you are required to be at work for a minimum of eight hours a day, the amount of work you do is accomplished in HALF of those hours, if not even less.

You should not only gets the minimum amount of work required done in less than four hours at the office – but on top of that, I would wager that you  does more than 90% of the other employees do in those eight.

So the question is, what do you spend those other four hours (or more) a day on? Most people choose to waste it away on pointless pursuits; i.e. reading every article on ESPN, Gawker, or scrolling through every GIF-ridden post on Buzzfeed.

If not those sites, then perhaps they waste their time on social media, playing ping pong, or standing around the water cooler/coffee machine/insert other office gathering place.

Remember, you’re a red-pill man. There’s no need for you to participate in petty office gossip or politics. Instead, buckle down and start applying those ESPN reading hours to doing something productive. Obviously, depending on the type of side hustle you’re running, you’ll be limited to what you can do.

Let’s take a basic example that everyone is capable of doing – blogging. Blogging can be profitable with enough work, but at the minimum you can build something you’re proud of. So, how would you go about blogging at work and not getting caught?

1.) If possible, invest in equipment. I recently purchased a Apple MacBook Air, which gets a killer battery life. I take it to work all day. Most bosses won’t care if you keep a personal computer on your desk, provided you’re still getting your work done (again, this is assuming you handle your shit in four hours a day).

You can use your personal laptop to write blog articles, edit posts, brainstorm new ideas, and more – the possibilities are endless. Just be smooth about it – make sure that your work is still getting done and don’t be super obvious about it.

But what about the Internet connection? You can purchase a data plan and secondary phone solely for tethering in the office (check out Use that to get Internet service to your laptop, ridding you of the necessity of logging on to the company network.

Of course, an alternative is to simply write/edit things offline.

2.) If you cannot invest in a laptop and tethering plan – you’re not out of luck. Here’s what you do.

– If you don’t already, create Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo mail account. Anything that can access email via a web browser/GUI (graphical user interface) that is popular and well-known.
– Assuming you have at least two monitors, like most do, get in the habit of leaving your webmail open in a small window of your computer. Many people do this already and it’s unlikely anyone will think anything of it.
– Use “Drafts” to write blog posts. Most companies won’t actually read the data in emails, but if you’re just saving drafts and not actually sending through the network, the idea of them digging that deep is pretty unlikely.
– When you get home and away from the privacy hawks of the company IT department, simply log into the webmail interface, and copy/paste the draft into your blog dashboard.

Of course, there are other ways of getting personal work done at your desk job, but these are two incredibly simple ways that most people will be able to carry out. They don’t apply to blogging, either. You could easily be running an eBay store, a web design business, or any numerous other online ventures using the same methods I’ve outlined above.

Share your thoughts below. What is your side hustle? How do you sneak around your boss and get paid to work on your own projects?

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