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COTW: Change Your Expectations Of Women

hoodlum writes:

It’s not to say there aren’t certain minimum standards of behaviour to demand in a partner – fidelity as mentioned, not being slovenly. These could be seen as deal breakers. I expect to be able to trust them to be faithful – but much else is just a bonus. How much else you want to hold to be the “bare minimum” depends on how hard you want to look for the needle in the haystack.

Rehashing much of what has already been said better and in more detail elsewhere – expecting rationality, not being duplicitous, not acting through hypergamous instincts – you might as well expect the sky to stop being blue.

What are you left with? A companion, someone to share life’s experiences with, to receive love from, and to return it to in a measured manner, someone to bear your children should you wish, who provided you maintain your own masculine frame and high standards will be loyal at the least.

What you do not get is someone who you can trust to behave always in a decent, honorable and principled manner, as you would expect of a man.

A relationship can still be extremely fulfilling when taken for what it is. Unfortunately is usually takes being burned several times before the truth of this fully hits home.

As alluded to, I do fully believe there are some women who are “better” than others (although becoming increasingly scarce in the West), and will display fewer of these inherently female traits – but never none of them. These are the ones to seek out, if you have it in you to face a potentially long and arduous search, with no guarantee of finding one.

Give it some thought, really. Changed expectations = never disappointed.

PS: I’m launching a new project (maybe you’ve heard of it) and have been super busy. Things will be slow around here for a few weeks, I anticipate.

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