Three Men, Three Wives Who Attempted Pregnancy Trickery

Title says it all, let’s get right to it. If this doesn’t scare you a bit, I don’t know what will.

Friend #1

Him: 33

Wife: 37

This is one of my best friends whom I’ve known forever. They’ve been married for about a year and a half now, dated for a year and a half prior to that (give or take). Last September, they had their first child. Then, in February/March, they were pregnant again. Their children will be just over a year apart.

It was, by all means, an “accident”.

And by accident, I mean on his end. Apparently, when a woman is breast feeding, doctors give them a lower dosage of birth control and warn the women that they should use other forms of contraception as it is a very low dose. My friend’s wife neglected to tell him this, and here he is with child #2 right around the corner. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a manipulatively planned scenario by my friend’s wife; granted I’m not too fond of her to begin with. But, she’s 37 and the clock was ticking on the first child, and now it’s up to hyper speed with this second.

This friend makes over six figures and still has to work overtime to make the bills.

Friend #2

Him: 38

Her: 31

This guys sits next to me at work. They had their first child a little over a year and a half ago. He just told me this week that is wife decided to go to the doctor and take out her IUD – and didn’t bother to tell him for two months.

When he found out, he was understandably pissed – which set her off. Now he’s pulling out.

Every. Damn. Time.

Obviously, this makes no sense, but apparently she screamed obscenities at him and said, “I want another child! You are depriving me of the ability to have another child! You are horrible!”, etc, etc. They are having all sorts of issues about this now in their marriage.

Notice how all of her statements involve the words “I” and “Me”. Not once does she think about her husband, their current (stable, but not comfortable) financial situation, and hell – THE OTHER CHILD THEY HAVE.

Clearly, their oldest has grown of his “trophy baby” stage, and this woman needs another baby to show off and have people go goo-goo-ga-ga at.

This friend and his wife have a combined household income of over $120k+ but still are renting an apartment and not saving any money.

Friend #3

We’re 2 for 2 so far, which you could call a coincidence – but 3 for 3? No way.

Another work friend. Their first child is also about a year and a half old. His situation is much like Friend #1. After the birth of their first child, his wife went on a low dosage birth control. Another disclaimer about this birth control at low doses is that you must breast feed in order for it to be remotely effective. Well, their son is inconsistent with that – but she never told him that little caveat about the birth control.

In addition, she also switched birth control brands and stopped taking the pill for a few weeks – again, never mentioned it to him.

Now, he got lucky and she’s not pregnant. But they did have a scare or two. Supposedly, she has not flat-out said anything about wanting another child, and seems to be more sane than the other two.

This friend works and makes about $70k. His wife does not work.

Let my friends serve as a lesson for you gentlemen out there dating girls who want kids. Be careful – I realize condoms suck, but it doesn’t seem like a bad option to be honest. At least keep and eye on her birth control supply, and make sure her IUD is secure when you’re fucking raw.

Fuckin’ bitches, man.

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  • audiorebellion says:

    …and people say they can trust their wife.
    I trust women to be women. Full stop.
    I don’t trust my gf in any shape or form. She ran out of birth control for 2 months and neglected to causally let me know.
    I almost dumped her on the spot.

    • To me that would ABSOLUTELY be grounds for dumping a girl. Actually had a talk with mine this morning about these situations.

    • Eugene C says:

      You are doing the right and proper thing by not trusting your girlfriend. And, any man who does not trust his wife is doing the right thing. And here’s why:

      Although, I am not a religious zealot, “the living bible” instructs men (in Micah 7:5), “Don’t trust anyone, not your best friend-not even your wife!”

      And, “The Book of Micah was likely written between 735 and 700 B.C.”

      • There has to be SOME balance in a relationship though. You have to trust a bit, or else you’ll just end up miserable all the time.

        This is one of those things though you should always keep an eye on.

      • Eugene C says:

        I agree. It takes a lot of finessing to keep a healthy balance in relationships.

        I keep myself balanced by living by something I read while I was deployed to Desert Storm. I cannot remember the name of the book I read this in but it has stuck with me since I first read it.

        It said, “A man who desires nothing cannot be corrupted”. This mindset has helped me through a lot of situations.

      • Nice comment, featured.

      • wizardprang says:

        “You are doing the right and proper thing by not trusting your girlfriend. And, any man who does not trust his wife is doing the right thing.”

        Wife != Girlfriend. Indeed, the qualities that make a great girlfriend often make for a lousy wife. The trouble is that too many men put their trust in unworthy women.

        “Although, I am not a religious zealot, “the living bible” instructs men (in Micah 7:5), “Don’t trust anyone, not your best friend-not even your wife!””

        If we’re going to use scripture references,does “The heart of her husband trusts in her and he will have no lack of gain” sound familiar?

        Not arguing with you, but there are things that wives can and should be trusted with, and things that they should not. The Micah passage is about redemption in evil days when you should trust no one. And in that instance, it is entirely correct.

        The common thread through the post was these women somehow got the idea that getting pregnant is *her* decision, not his. As a general rule, women can be trusted to do what they want to. The body of a woman who has just given birth is a mass of raging hormones all saying “Do it again!”. She ain’t gonna ask for permission, she’s just gonna do what her programming tells her.

        For those with girlfriends, some frame control is in order here. Gentlemen, make it clear to your bit of fluff that her getting pregnant outside of marriage without your buy-in automatically means *no wedding*. Women pull “oops” stunts because it works.

        Vasalgel cannot come a day too soon…

      • Eugene C says:

        You are absolutely correct. The problem these days is: “Who can find a virtuous woman?”

        These days, women do not know what they want. Many have bought into the feminist (anti-chirst) ideology and will/are pay(ing) the price of their foolish choices.

        Check out these links:




        I also agree with your statement, “…but there are things that wives can and should be trusted with, and things that they should not.”

        I believe we as men should only trust women up to the point of their proven trustworthiness. But, I believe men should always have in the back of our minds that a woman’s level of trustworthiness may change at any moment.

        You also hit on a very important point concerning how “women somehow got the idea that getting pregnant is *her* decision, not his.”

        This is a huge pet peeve of mine. This is a very disrespectful thing women do. It is right up there with paternity fraud. The audacity these women have to believe it is perfectly fine to do this to someone.

      • wizardprang says:

        “It is right up there with paternity fraud.”

        Preach it brother!

        Whenever a political canvasser comes my way looking for a vote, I always ask the question “Do you intend to push for Paternity Fraud legislation, or do you think women should be allowed to get money from a man to look after another man’s child?”

        So far I’ve had no takers.

      • Fully agree. It practically is the same as paternity fraud. “Tricking” a man into a child; at least in this case it’s his…but the same situation: a man stuck with a child he didn’t want, wasn’t ready for, and didn’t have a choice in the matter.


      • wizardprang says:

        To be fair, I am not sure if the women in question were consciously “tricking” their men. I’m not sure that they were thinking at all. We need a new meme: “Pregnant women gonna pregnant”.

        The problem here is that she has been allowed to take control of the relationship, and he is just along for the ride. An attitude adjustment is in order. I can just imagine the conversation:

        Her: “Honey, my hormones are telling me to have another baby.”

        Him: “Honey, *my* hormones are telling *me* to fuck another woman.”

    • hoodlum81 says:

      I don’t see it as an issue of “trust” as such – the terms in which you refer to trust are those in which you would trust one of your male friends to behave in a certain manner. It is simply an exercise in perpetual disappointment and futility to try and hold women to male standards of moral conduct and behaviour.

      It’s not because they’re evil, or skanks, they’re just who they are, and who they’re evolutionarily programmed to be, and they’re always going to be like that.

      As soon as you can shift your mindset away from even attempting to expect women to uphold more than the most basic tenets of trustworthy behaviour that you’d expect from a man (fidelity for instance is something that I still fully expect), then you’ll find that you can actually have better relationships.

      Take people as they are, not as you would wish them to be. Which applies especially so to women.

      • In other words, change your expectations rather than expecting them (women) to change. However, that arises other issues – because in a sense, if you can’t trust them, can’t expect them to work as hard, etc., then what are you left with? A warm hole to squeeze orgasms out of your balls?

        Good comment as usual man.

      • hoodlum81 says:

        It’s not to say there aren’t certain minimum standards of behaviour to demand in a partner – fidelity as mentioned, not being slovenly. These could be seen as deal breakers. I expect to be able to trust them to be faithful – but much else is just a bonus. How much else you want to hold to be the “bare minimum” depends on how hard you want to look for the needle in the haystack.

        Rehashing much of what has already been said better and in more detail elsewhere – expecting rationality, not being duplicitous, not acting through hypergamous instincts – you might as well expect the sky to stop being blue.

        What are you left with? A companion, someone to share life’s experiences with, to receive love from, and to return it to in a measured manner, someone to bear your children should you wish, who provided you maintain your own masculine frame and high standards will be loyal at the least.

        What you do not get is someone who you can trust to behave always in a decent, honorable and principled manner, as you would expect of a man.

        A relationship can still be extremely fulfilling when taken for what it is. Unfortunately is usually takes being burned several times before the truth of this fully hits home.

        As alluded to, I do fully believe there are some women who are “better” than others (although becoming increasingly scarce in the West), and will display fewer of these inherently female traits – but never none of them. These are the ones to seek out, if you have it in you to face a potentially long and arduous search, with no guarantee of finding one.

      • Great post. Your relationship still going strong? Getting that urge to sow the oats one last time yet? 😉

      • hoodlum81 says:

        Haha, yes things good thanks pal. I’ll save any further discussion for a less public forum perhaps!

  • Wald says:

    In my mind – there are two good options:

    1. Make her swallow
    2. Shoot it up her ass

    Doesn’t mean you can’t touch her front – I’m just saying to finish in the other two holes.


    • TroubleMaker says:

      Fully agree. Anal though is sometimes too much work, and I personally like being in control when I cum versus her doing it orally.

      Vag just always feels more natural.


    Being married I can tell you that once we had our first little one that was it! Fuck that having another kid shit! Dont have the time for that!

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