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Dating Within Your Race Is Not Racism

Read this post first.

Captain writes:

Race: White (Southern European)
Race of girls I’m generally attracted to: Typically, brunette white girls as far as LTRs go.
Age: 20
Level of game: Beginner

I don’t doubt a biological motive for racially based attraction, and there are cultural motives too. From an evolutionary perspective, you obviously want your children to look like you because you will feel closer to them overall and have a stronger bond, which in turn will make them stronger. Also, because cultures also can have racial ties, they come into the whole attraction thing. Go to a white church, then go to a black church. The people at both worship the same God, but the culture and experience is totally different. People are attracted to what they are most comfortable with. That’s why I don’t find it racist to only date within your race, though some bleeding heart libs will demonize you and call you a Nazi for believing that.

Some would argue that comfort is a bad thing, but when it comes to dating, reproducing, etc. – isn’t comfort one of the main fucking reasons to do it in the first place? Otherwise everyone would just screw everyone, we’d have mutt babies everywhere, and LTRs wouldn’t exist.

For the record, I don’t find it racist at all to only date within your own race. Racism is prejudice against a race, not a simple choice not to have sexual intercourse with another race. As Captain wrote though, the liberals will shriek over this.

Chesthair writes:

White (Swedish/Italian)
Mostly white brunettes

I wonder if it comes down more to similar facial structures than race as a whole. I personally like cute half whites the most. They got just enough white in them to make me wanna put in a few inches more…

Audiorebellion writes:

Black (3/4 Black, 1/4 white)
Asian (specifically Korean)

I love me some asian girls. I’ve gone through the rainbow. Korean girls are by far my favorite.
I’ve spent time there. Dated a singer.
I cannot stand black girls. The attitude is such a turn off. As far as black celebrities go, i don’t find them attractive. I’ve tried to get with black girls and it felt like i was just going through the motions.
Latina women are dangerous to me. I always find the ones that are super passionate and super jealous.
I don’t mind white girls and i’ve dated a few but with a gun to my head korean women will always be my choice.
I think the reason for my yellow fever is because asian girls are most likely to have a tiny frame. Compared to white, latina women.

I’ve highlighted and underlined the key points here. This is the only comment that went “against” his own race (liberals – attack this bastard!). An advanced level of game would demonstrate a greater confidence in ones self, therefore one would think simply because of this, Audiorebellion would be more likely to date outside of his own race due to him having the confidence to fend off the attacks from his dear family who tells him that he should marry a “nice, big-assed, “CURVY” black woman.”

They fail to leave out her love of KFC and “oh no you didn’t” attitude, which, as he stated, is the biggest fucking turn off in the world.

Audiorebellion, props to you my man. You keep tapping those tiny little Asian pussies.

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