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Why Do Women Have So Many Friends?

Mike at Danger & Play wrote a post/podcast on a woman’s two deepest needs recently. One of those needs, he states, is their need to be cured of boredom, and how you, as a man, can meet that need. Here’s what he had to say about it:

1. Women get bored easily.

  • They don’t like to be alone.
  • They can’t occupy their time.
  • “Me time” for a girl means going to a spa and iPhone/chatting with girlfriends.
  • Rarely does a woman “retreat into the wilderness” to meditate on life alone.
  • Group work is a product of a feminized education and work culture.
  • Men retreat into the mountains and need solitude.
  • Women would rather have danger than boredom.
  • A woman is the “most dangerous plaything,” but a man must provide danger and play for a woman.

All of Mike’s points are very good, but I’ve bolded the points above that I want to focus on. Basically, all of the points bolded above come back around to this:

Women have, or at least claim to have, a shit ton of friends

Most of the girls I’ve known in my life claim to have these massive social circles full of wonderful friends. In reality, this social circle is little more than acquaintances, whom they see maybe five times a year. On top of that, said women rarely hesitate to talk shit about all 500 of their “friends.”

It’s a way of bragging for women. Much like how men brag about the salary they make, the amount they bench press, or their notch count – it’s really no different. A woman’s sexual marketplace value is directly dictated by her social standing, and while having a posse of fake female friends may not provide the same boost as being with an alpha male, the little things can add up.

I’m going to go through the two points mentioned and give my personal take and experience on the matter.

#1 – Women don’t like to be alone

Why do you think they always want to sleep over? Why do you think they always want you to spend the night with them? Notice how a high quantity of women have roommates for longer periods of their life, even after they’ve moved out and make enough to live on their own?

I mean, does your average women ever have a night alone to her, just to relax and unwind? No. Most girls on OKCupid book their entire week full of dates. If they have a boyfriend, any day not spent with him is spent with friends.

On the other hand, I basically need two or three nights to myself every week to function how I want to.

 #2 – Women can’t occupy their own time. 

Most girls in today’s age have two hobbies.

  1. iPhone
  2. <Insert any social media site>

Yeah, that’s it.

Celebrate the differences

This is not a post about how much women suck. It is simply pointing out the facts. Think long and hard about the two points I’ve made above, and then ask yourself if all of the “independent” women out there truly are as independent as they say. Most likely, their nights are filled up with meaningless social activities with their bitchy friends, where they are just desperate not to be alone.

Take advantage of this. Accept the differences between the two sexes. Celebrate the fact that you are a man.

Frankly, it’s not difficult to be more interesting than an iPhone.

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