First Date Ideas

Here are some good first ideas I had success with back in the day.

  • A shitty dive bar
  • A shitty dive bar
  • A shitty dive bar


That’s all you need. This post is purposely short because it’s really that easy. Don’t complicate things.¬†Anything else is trying too hard

And really, why should you?

  • sway says:

    Co-signed. It’s actually a great way to get her to qualify herself. “You don’t seem like the kind of girl who likes dive bars”. “You seem high maintenance, how can I know you like to have fun?”

    Obviously tailor it to the situation, and don’t say it mechanically like a PUA, but the general gist is to frame it as your own “shit test”.

    I’ve been taking girls exclusively to dive bars for first dates for months now.

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