I Missed The Fireworks - This Is Trouble

I Missed The Fireworks

Admittedly, I am slightly ashamed to be writing this post. My original plan which I detailed in my most recent ROK post was this:

I am spending my 4th of July drinking and participating in a giant marshmallow fight on the beach. It seems patriotic, right?

Well, because San Diego laws suck, the marshmallow fight was banned, or at least people were threatened they would be in a lot of trouble with the police if they brought their own bags of giant marshmallows and started chucking it at people. First they ban Floatopia and now the marshmallow fight?

Fuck da police.


So, with the opportunity to throw sticky goo at strangers out the window, Holly’s neighbors and friends threw a party in their apartment complex. Frankly, the holidays are shitty days to actually go out, so I’m more than happy to spend them drinking beers at 1/10th the price I’d pay at the bar. And really, as a guy, why the fuck would you ever go out on a holiday, especially to pickup?

Girls have their shields up way higher because of the sheer amount of guys out, plus they’re always in large groups. There’s usually cover charges, and on top of that you’ve got upped security nailing people for DUIs left and right. If you’ve got connections, then this is paragraph is obviously completely out the window and you should milk your situation for all it’s worth.

Anyways, I started drinking at about 3:00pm. Ran the table on a few games of beer pong and was generally having a good time. We grilled hot dogs and burgers. At about 8:30pm I decided to go upstairs and I sat down on the couch…and before I knew it I had passed the fuck out.

It must be the Asian genes.

I woke up about an hour later completely fine, and continued having a merry time the rest of the night.

I completely missed the fireworks though.

I hope everyone had a safe and great 4th.

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