Female Rationalization Hamster Of The Week

Ladies and gentlemen, this week’s top post by a woman self-rationalizing her bad decisions can be found on my post about respecting a girl after sex on the first date. It’s a doozy!

In short, you shouldn’t do it. Sex on the first date = slut = not worthy of a commitment. Hit and quit it, pump and dump, fuck ‘n fuck – or whatever the hell else you wanna do. Just don’t put a ring on it. Oh, and don’t listen to anything this person had to say. Silly wabbit.


Female Rationalization Hamster Of The Week

I used to feel this way about sex. However, as I have grown and been involved with serious relationships that have helped me explore my sexuality I have become comfortable with it. Sex isn’t something I throw out at any guy. In fact, I am interested in sex only when I am interested in the guy. It’s hard for me to say no because I in fact don’t want to when I’m attracted to their mind and body and things are heated. It’s a moment, and it should be enjoyed. If we’re both into it I don’t see the issue. For me at least, I respect myself completely and that’s why I only have sex with men whom I respect and admire as well. I have had sex on the first date twice in the last two months and I think its a shame that men think like this. They think they can try as hard as they want to “break” a girl…and once they “win?” that means the girl is a horrible person and not worth anything to you. That’s bullshit honestly. Grow a pair. you should respect a woman for who she is and not judge her for making the same freaking decision you did: to have sex. such a double standard. makes me sick.


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  • Kate says:

    I skimmed through an article where a woman explained 11 points on how her 21 year old daughter should have sex without shame. I don’t understand how women think sex is empowering? Sex is so easy to get if you’re a female. I think it’s something that you share with the man you care about. If I become a mother of a daughter I will be teaching her the same. Men and women are different – double standards are legit.

    • Assuming you are actually a female, you get kudos for being able to see it how it is.

      I think it was LaidNYC that said a girl saying she can get sex is like a guy saying he can buy a girl dinner.

    • PeterAndrewNolan says:

      it is not even a “double standard”. Because men and women are different their standards are different.

      Take me for example. I had plenty of opportunity to have sex before I was 18. I had a very steady GF when I was 16/17 and we loved each other very much. But it was ME who said “no” to sex because I did not want to closely bond with a girl I did not think was a good chance to become my wife one day. This girl and I talked about that possibility quite a bit. We explored what we each wanted to do with our lives. It was this exploration that had me realise that what I wanted from my life was nothing like what she wanted from her life. This was the issue we split over and it was the right issue to split over. I did the right thing even if I did it very poorly. This was the first girl I loved that I had to reject and it was very hard for me to do as a 17 year old.

      Also, when I was with my wife (5 years courting and 18 years married) I had a lot of opportunity to have sex with other women. I didn’t because I did not want to get close to anyone else when I was committed to my wife.

      However, how were these things seen by women? I was a man who only had sex with three women by the time I was 44 and one of them only once. If a woman said to TM or any other man that she “held out” and only ever had sex with three men, all three of which were close family friends that she had known for a long time….that she NEVER had a “one night stand” and NEVER was unfaithful? Do you know how men would react? They would praise her and they would value her for being so “prudent” if not “prudish”.

      How did women treat me? When I was a teen many women presumed that I was having sex with my GF at 16/17 because I was denying it when the asked me. They didn’t believe me. All during my marriage women did not believe me that I was faithful. When I was divorcing my wife openly called me a cheat despite the fact I didn’t.

      How do women treat men who ARE faithful and don’t cheat? You lie about us so as to put us in the same bucket as “all men”.

      By the way? Now that I am 50 and I have dated quite a few women over the last 6 years since divorce I was right when I was 17. If I had gone ahead and had the sex that was on offer I would not have been able to build such a long term bond with my wife that lasted 23 years. Her abuse of me would have ended our marriage much sooner.

      Men and women are different. And so their standards are different. However, you women demand to be treated like men while you treat men badly…so do not be surprised that men are treating you badly in return. I have been treated terribly by western women. And I will teach young men like TM all about what you women are really like…much to your chargrin.

  • evilwhitemalempire says:

    Women are borrowers that don’t want to pay back their loans but still want a good credit score so they can keep borrowing and not paying back.

  • Zelcorpion says:

    One of the reasons for the double-standard: http://www.gistplanets.com/2012/06/ive-slept-with-5000-men-in-3285-days.html. This n-count is impossible to achieve for any Player by age 25. Only few famous men and Players had 5000+ lifetime counts.

    Besides –
    1. High-level girls have a lower n-count and more LTRs with High-level guys (relationship-ability with high-level guy is your male n-count comparative measure)
    2. The higher the n-count the higher the probability for emotional inability to bond, Alpha Widow mentality

  • PeterAndrewNolan says:

    “you should respect a woman for who she is and not judge her for making the same freaking decision you did: to have sex. such a double standard. makes me sick.”

    Yep..the normal “you should respect a woman” when women do not even respect a mans right to speak in public. How many times have I been silenced on social media because I speak the truth? Lots

    Respect is earned. And one of the foundational elements of earning respect is to show those who have earned respect the respect they have EARNED.

    And since women will not show men even the minutest of respect for the mans right to freedom of speech western women are not worthy of respect…..any respect….at all.

    No woman in Germany has ever tried to talk over me or violate my right to freedom of speech. Not even once.

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