Female Rationalization Hamster Of The Week - This Is Trouble

Female Rationalization Hamster Of The Week

Ladies and gentlemen, this week’s top post by a woman self-rationalizing her bad decisions can be found on my post about respecting a girl after sex on the first date. It’s a doozy!

In short, you shouldn’t do it. Sex on the first date = slut = not worthy of a commitment. Hit and quit it, pump and dump, fuck ‘n fuck – or whatever the hell else you wanna do. Just don’t put a ring on it. Oh, and don’t listen to anything this person¬†had to say. Silly wabbit.


Female Rationalization Hamster Of The Week

I used to feel this way about sex. However, as I have grown and been involved with serious relationships that have helped me explore my sexuality I have become comfortable with it. Sex isn’t something I throw out at any guy. In fact, I am interested in sex only when I am interested in the guy. It’s hard for me to say no because I in fact don’t want to when I’m attracted to their mind and body and things are heated. It’s a moment, and it should be enjoyed. If we’re both into it I don’t see the issue. For me at least, I respect myself completely and that’s why I only have sex with men whom I respect and admire as well. I have had sex on the first date twice in the last two months and I think its a shame that men think like this. They think they can try as hard as they want to “break” a girl…and once they “win?” that means the girl is a horrible person and not worth anything to you. That’s bullshit honestly. Grow a pair. you should respect a woman for who she is and not judge her for making the same freaking decision you did: to have sex. such a double standard. makes me sick.


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