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Typical Woman Makes It About Her

woman makes it about her

On my most recent post, a commenter wrote the following:

I really like this post, and completely understand your frustrations with the corporate world, however, there is one paragraph I have an issue with:
“Meanwhile, it makes me upset that any decent looking girl can have the fucking world, hardly have to work and it’s simply because she’s blessed with a pair of tits. Any decent looking, pleasant girl has the ability to wife up a beta provider to pay for all her shit with his good college degree, his good job, and all of his material possessions he can hardly afford”

I am female, the same age as you, and like you, worked hard and have a good degree, however I have not had it easy. After I came back from travelling I was unemployed for 7 months, then did a 3 month unpaid internship. I now have a paid internship, but half my wages go on tax and travelling to work and back. Moving out and owning a car are out of the question. Where I’m from living in an apartment alone is unheard of at this age, even my friends with well paid jobs are either sharing or still living with their parents.

I’d like to think I’m decent looking, however finding a partner is not easy as so is 70% of the rest of the female population. Also, with so much fast, no-investment sex around a lot of men don’t want relationships. And even if I did get married, costs of living are so high that not working would still not be an option.

I’m not writing this for sympathy, as I know I am lucky to be in a position where I can pursue a graduate career I find vaguely fulfilling. I just think you should count your blessings and not assume women have it easier. The corporate world can be soul-destroying sometimes, but you are actually in an enviable position compared to most people.

My response, as I usually am, was kinda mean.

And yet, you prove my point further. You take my post, which is an issue about MEN, and immediately flip it into a “woe is me” story about being a female. NEWSFLASH: Every fucking girl does this, and I am sick of it.

You have a graduate degree. Nobody gives a fuck. Let me guess, it’s one of these *great* degrees? https://thisistrouble.com/2013/…

Women do have it easier. I’ve yet to ever meet a woman who works as hard as a man, yet most women are completely able to spout bullshit about how they DO work just as hard, if not harder. It’s the typical rationalization in action that makes no logical sense on paper, yet somehow in their head it does. My experience shows women typically are often incapable of handling positions, so they are *promoted* to positions where they have to do less and are coddled

Frankly, the reason you can’t find someone to finance your life is because I can already tell you are an entitled, career-centric women. If you are decent looking, then you’re likely spending your time chasing men who don’t want commitment, but yet turn you on. You poor girls have it bad here, you want what you can’t have and don’t want what you can have.

Care less about your career and accomplishments, learn to cook like your grandmother, and quit chasing men you can’t have – and I bet you’ll find a nice computer programmer who makes $100k+ a year willing to settle down with you. And, the fact that you are in a city so expensive you can’t move out by yourself means there are plenty of men to go around. Two years ago, that would have been me.

But no, you’d never want that. Quit whining about what is easily obtainable right in front of you, but that you’re too stupid to get.

What do other readers think?

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