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Fuck You Work, Freedom Here I Come

I’ve talked before about the poisons of the workforce.

I’ve talked before about how I want to get out.


And, I have been – I’m not all talk.  I’ve been working, at work, and in spare hours at home, on two other projects.  I just released another book.  But now it’s time to really set some goals to reach freedom rather than just going along and trusting it will all work out.

A fire got lit under my ass today.  I got passed up for a promotion I deserved.  It wasn’t because there was someone more qualified, it wasn’t because of my age.  It wasn’t for any of the usual reasons.  Instead, it was because another division of the company merged with my own division and therefore the spot got “filled”.  The people who took my spot won’t even be able to contribute for six months due a year due to other circumstances.


So now, all my claims of wanting to quit my job soon and have my freedom, but not setting an actual time frame for it – THEY’RE FUCKING DONE.

On January 1st, 2015 I will be a free man.

This means:

  • Moving to New York is put on hold.
  • There will probably only be 3 posts a week here rather than 5.
  • There are going to be a lot of late nights.
  • There is not going to be a ton of fun involved in the next few months.

That’s the price of freedom.

Like I said, I haven’t been slacking.  I’ve been writing 3-5 posts a day between this blog and the other two projects.  I’ve designed three new websites.  And I have plenty more ideas.

It’s time to carry those ideas out and be free.

I’ve got about 7 months.  Time to get going.

PS: Go get my new book and leave some feedback on it.

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