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WordPress .COM Or .ORG

As I mentioned last week, I recently migrated this website off of WordPress.com to WordPress.org.  I learned a lot from the experience, so I’m here to answer the question…

When starting a blog, should you go with WordPress .com or .org?

First and foremost, let’s do a quick rundown of the differences.

WordPress.COM Pros

  • Free
  • Easy install – just register an account.  You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy to get followers with the WP.com reader

WordPress.COM Cons

  • Limited number of themes
  • No ability to install plugins that enhance your website; such as SEO or alternative commenting plugins.
  • Ads
  • Looks unprofessional if you go without our own domain; i.e. my website would be ThisIsTrouble.wordpress.com

WordPress.ORG Pros

  • Limitless customization options with themes, and will particular benefit those who are tech savvy.
  • No ads
  • By far the most professional – no ads

WordPress.ORG Cons

  • Need to set it up manually with a host and domain
  • Not as quick to get going
  • No reader out of the box for people to follow and show up in their feed.

For those who have read this blog for a good amount of time, you’d know that I started out on WP.com with a free URL – thisblogistrouble.wordpress.com.  Why did I do this, especially since I have more than enough technical expertise to get a WordPress database off the ground?  Well, I never thought my blog would take off like it has.  Then I started getting followers, starting getting more traffic, started writing at ROK, and I started to realize I needed my own domain – so I registered ThisIsTrouble.com.  But, I still didn’t switch to WordPress.org.

I really regret it.

Now that I’ve done it, I wish I’d done it sooner.  Everything is superior – from my new design, to the new plugins I’ve installed (Disqus, widgets, and more).  The only problem?  It was a pain in the ass to transfer.  My theme didn’t work, so I had to move it all and re-design it from scratch.  I also lost all of my previous stats, so I’m now starting from scratch.  It’s not a big deal, as I will re-build it, but it could have been so much easier.

My advice is this: if you think your blog will have any success, you should go with WordPress.org.  If you want to just occassionally write and bullshit, maybe it’s okay if you go with WordPress.com.

But – as readers of this blog, you all know you should just assume success.  Go with WordPress.org.

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