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Michael Sam, You Disgust Me

I recently penned an article labeled How Homosexual Athletes Are Ruining Sportsin which I discussed the coming out of two specific men – NBA player Jason Collins, and NFL prospect Michael Sam.  In it, I wrote the following:

On the gridiron, Michael Sam, who has not taken a single snap in the NFL, has turned the NFL, ESPN, and all sports media outlets into his personal circus since his coming-out announcement.  LGBT activists are overjoyed at the announcement, thinking he will be a symbol of courage, as an inspiration to the future’s gay in-the-closet athletes who fear being judged in the harsh confines of the locker room by their fellow, pussy-juggling teammates.

But no, of course Sam claimed that he was focused on football, and was not concerned about his sexuality.  I thought, and said, that he was full of shit had no desire to be a good football player, just a famous celebrity.  I knew all along he planned to be a diva and make a profit off of his love of cock, not his love of the pigskin.  Jason Whitlock of ESPN penned a fantastic article about Sam’s new – you guessed it – REALITY SHOW.

Michael Sam’s decision to do a “documentary series” — reality TV show — on the Oprah Winfrey Network is a gigantic tactical error for Sam and his supporters within the LGBT community.

America, for the most part, would wrap its arms around Michael Sam, the gay, underdog football player fighting to find his place in the NFL. America, for the most part, will reject Michael $am, the gay, in-your-face political/media pawn using the NFL as a platform to launch his celebrity brand.

When people go on the reality show The Bachelor, does anyone really believe that they go on it truly thinking they will find the love of their life?  Of course not, they simply want to become famous.  Fortunately, the majority of them don’t wind up with much celebrity status, but the ones that do typically make fools of themselves (see Pablo, Juan).

Michael Sam is no different.

 He and his agents are simply pawning America, yanking on the heartstrings of fellow faggots to make some money.

michael sam boyfriend

Michael Sam & Boyfriend

If being a celebrity was truly, truly, not Sam’s priority, and being an NFL player was, he would not have done any of the following:

  • Had this much of a moment with his boyfriend after getting picked late in the NFL draft.  I don’t have a problem with the kiss, I can watch it without holding back vomit.  But he has dozens of other people in the room, some of which I would assume are his direct family.  Does he even seem to acknowledge them?  Not in the slightest the entire time the camera is on.  The whole thing is simply over the top.
  • Launched a website full of shirts with rainbows – $20 for a fucking t-shirt?
  • Agreed to do a reality show, on Oprah’s network, none the less.

Admittedly, I do know know much about Sam’s talent as a football player.  I have not seen any video of him.  In this case, I’ll refer back to Whitlock’s article, which summed it up well:

Sam has to play in the NFL to be an effective role model and pioneer. He has to fit into a locker room environment before he can transform that environment.

He is simply not a good enough football player to travel with Oprah’s circus and the NFL’s. He needs to choose one. He’s a seventh-round draft pick who ran a 4.91-second 40-yard dash at the combine. He’s a special-teams player.


Sam reported to the combine out of shape and embarrassed himself. He launched a website that is a merchandise store. He complained about being drafted too low. And now he’s signing up for a reality show focused on his personal life and professional journey.

He’s a seventh-round pick. This is preposterous. I support Michael Sam and the movement he represents. However, if I were Rams coach Jeff Fisher, I’d consider cutting $am today. He’s a marginal player with questionable focus on the game.

I’ll reiterate what I said in my original article: Michael Sam is the first step in a movement that ultimately become poisonous to American society, tainting one of the last true masculine places – the locker room.  No doubt the St. Louis Rams will be censoring themselves next year when Sam makes the team (and he will, for political reasons, whether or not he is actually skilled enough).

If Sam were to work hard, not discuss his personal life (much less make a documentary about it), and make the Rams roster, then I would have the utmost respect for him.  When it was rumored that Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, was rumored to be gay last year, I simply didn’t care.

I thought, “Cool.  He (Rodgers) is a great player, won a Super Bowl, and hasn’t made his life a soap opera because he likes dick.”

Michael Sam is a mediocre player looking to become a celebrity. He better hope he sells enough t-shirts to survive off of once he flames out of the NFL.

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