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Drunk Posts!!!

I just had a few beers with my grandfather.  He…out drank me.  Kind of.  He was in better shape than I was, but most of his beers were about 5-6% while mine were 8-10%…in any case i elft teh bar feeeling quitre buzzed.  I also am not, I promise, going to edit thi post before it goes live.  I wrote a drunk post once before, and people said it was funny and lolz so here we are again.  So, it’s Friday afternoon..what’s on my mind?

Fuck weekend shifts.  I’m working 6am-7pm the next two days.  It’s a goodthing i got my drunk on early in the day!

passive income/projects is coming together.  I’m working on a manoshpere project with some friends like this.  I’m also writing two books, and have several other ideas in play.

work sucksss.  I’m bored with it, don’t ever get enough reconigiztion, and am simply fed up with it.  Good thing I’m taking steps to ESCAPE.

I love my new site.  It looks good, and the wordpress plugin capability when you don’t have WordPress.com holding you back is amazing.  I funny anticipate having better SEO, better navigation, and a better overall experience for all you fcool cats who read my site and enjoy my drunk posts/tweeting/rants/etc.

makikng a living and doing ok overseas is manageable.  I did a couple projects for Matt this week.  Check out his opportunity for freelance writers.  If I put in the time, I could totally be location independent and make a living off it, but I think i’d kill myself from writing a lot of research papres.  i also wouldn’t be able to be as drunk as i am now.

my girlfirend and i got in a fight Wednesday.  But guess what – she realized where she was coming from, realized she was being too influenced by other’s decisions, and realized she’s truly happy with me.  She apologized and i told her i appreciated it.  I dont’ want to sound too gay here, but she has something I have seen very rarely in girls – the ability to genuinely admit their mistakes and apologize.  Most of them just rationalize their own ways until they die.

I’m juice fasting  tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll bitch about it a lot on Twitter…

You lucky readres got three posts today!  ROK article went live, I posted about homos, and you got this drunk rant.

I’m trouble.

PS this has not been edited at all…

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