Welcome To The New This Is Trouble - This Is Trouble

Welcome To The New This Is Trouble

Welcome to the new and improved, and (hopefully) here to stay, version of This Is Trouble.  You’ll probably notice that the site looks relatively similar to the old website, but there have been quite a few new changes to hopefully enhance and improve the website.

Making the move from WordPress.com to .org.  What a royal pain in the ass, but I’m glad I did it.  I now have so much more flexibility with design, plugins, and making the experience better for readers.  I did love my WP.com theme, but I think this one is better.

The theme is very similar.  However, you’ll notice it is a little less busy (one column opposed to two), which I hope will make reading things easier.  I’ve also gone with a more magazine-portfolio style on the front page to better showcase images.  This was highly influenced by wanting to show off all of the cool pictures I took on my trip.  The top slider is also superior to the old version.

Logo work. I don’t consider myself a graphic designer by any means, but I did play around with a couple of headers like the below:


Ultimately though, I decided I preferred the clean and minimalist version of what is at the top now.

Donation and Amazon links.  These are new.  I’ve made no secret that I would like to monetize this blog, or at least use it as a stepping stone towards launching new platforms (more on that coming soon).  At that same time, I’m certainly not poor and the hosting bill is in no danger of not getting paid, so don’t feel obligated to donate.  But if you want to, or want to shop at Amazon and give me a small cut, I do appreciate it.  More than anything I’d ask you to buy my book.

Brand new about me section.  Click here to read it.

Social media widgets are cleaner and easier to find.  Just poke around and you will find them.

Cleaned up the blogroll.  If I missed you and you would like to be on it, let me know.

My stats didn’t transfer.  Kind of depressing.

Do you have questions or comments about the new site or design?  Leave a comment below.

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