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Introducing The San Diego Nightlife Guide

I’m very excited to finally (officially) announce my new website: San Diego Nightlife Guide.

In addition, I’m very excited to announce my first book, the San Diego Nightlife Guide.  This guide is the easy way to find the niches, secrets, and success of nightlife in the beautiful city of San Diego.

My goal with this product is to start growing a small, niche, local business.  The Manosphere is not the intended target audience, but, I would be foolish not to leverage this blog and my network of friends to help start directing traffic to the SDNL website to help it get off the ground.

However, if any of my current readers want to check it out, it does have some funny excerpts from this blog, as well as some fresh original game content on a broad level.  In addition, I hope I can inspire some other guys to write their own detailed city guides so that we can have a sort of network available to us when visiting other cities – from locals.  This is a new level from a datasheet on the Roosh forum, I hope.

Obviously, if you read this blog on a daily basis, I would really appreciate if you want to support me and purchase the book.  So, if you’re a current reader of This Is Trouble, ROK, etc – I’m launching the book today as a bit of a pre-sale, and slashing the price in half.

Until Friday, the price will be just $4.95.

Click here to buy the San Diego Nightlife Guide eBook.

When I start the official launch on Friday with my ROK article it will go up to $9.95 at a launch price.  Any technical bugs should be worked out, but if you have any problems, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME.

Thanks for continuing to read, and I can’t wait to see what this new project brings.


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