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Thoughts On Europe So Far

Excuse any typos; writing blog posts with Swype on a tablet is not that easy.

It is absolutely downpouring in Barcelona right now so I figured it would be a good time to write up some thoughts on my trip so far.  These are more random thoughts than any sort of actual flowing content.


I loved it.  The logistics we had were amazing, and Lucky and I got into tons of trouble.  We helped hustle people into strip clubs, drank a lot, and made a mad dash for the airport, sprinting through the streets of Wroclaw at 3am.

Of course, our flight was then delayed for 3 hours…meaning poor Lucky missed out on his Polish flag.


First off, the infrastructure and the way that city supports its massive population is nothing short of incredible.  Coming from California, where we all have at least one or two cars, and public transit is rarely, if ever taken, the system absolutely amazed me.  I was also shocked at how easy it was to use.

However, it is kind of disgusting.  It smells down there.  Not to mention, everyone on the Tube looks like they want to kill themselves. 

I did have a blast with some English lads the one night I went out, and wish I had more time to explore the nightlife there. 


…I think it is a bit of a disgusting shithole.  And maybe it is because I have yet to have a sunny day here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 66 and sunny, so maybe I will be singing a different tune at this point tomorrow.

However, it reminds me a lot of Mexico, which, being from San Diego, I have a fifteen minute drive to the border.  But the way there is graffiti everywhere, the smell, the gypsy beggars…it reminds me a lot of the country that borders my city.  Which is not a good thing.

I did go out last night but I was honestly very cautious, which resulted in me sobering up very quickly the minute I stepped out of my apartment.  This happened twice.  I even brought my flask the second time in hopes I could keep the buzz going, but I just could not seem to hold it.

I am on the list at some of the top clubs tonight, so I am hoping the Barcelona nightlife will shine like I had hoped it would.

Trouble out!


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