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Random Final Thoughts Before Take-Off

One day to go until Europe, fuckers.  You can all start being jealous of me now.  I have been busy and didn’t organize a real post for today.  So, here are my random thoughts for the day:


I can totally see where he’s coming from; wanting to hang up the blogging cape.  I wrote about it not too long ago myself.  While I’d encourage you to sign up for his mailing list, my absolute favorite post of his would be this one on Choices every man can make.

To his credit, LaidNYC long ago said he would not blog for long.  Props for him to sticking to his word.

My Girlfriend

Is slightly nervous about me running around Europe for two weeks, but has been a unbelievably sweet the past few days.  I’ll miss her while gone, I don’t doubt it.

She’s also sick right now, if she gave me a cold right before I leave I’ll kill her.

I’m Not Nervous About Flying, Dicks

Plenty of people are harassing me about the recent Malaysian Airlines debacle and saying how I should be nervous since I’m flying on multiple 777s over the next few weeks.  Are you kidding me?  There’s never been a safer time to be on a 777.  You know every Boeing plane in the fleet is being heavily scrutinized right now; if there is so much a spec of bird poop on a 777 it won’t be allowed to take off.

I’m Terrible With Money

Shot myself in the foot by racking up $300 in interest on a card I used to buy a mountain bike last year.  Just forgot to make the final payment.  I won’t do that again.

I Like This Song

I Started My Second Book

10 pages down.  Several hundred to go, this time.  Look for the first book and new website to drop just after I come back.

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