Hacking Your Sexual Marketplace Value As A Male - This Is Trouble

Hacking Your Sexual Marketplace Value As A Male

It’s been discussed before, there’s a lot of things that can make you more attractive to women.  Whilst a woman’s worth is determined primarily by her nearly-always rapidly deteriorating looks, us men are a little bit more on the fortunate side.  A general list of things that can make you more attractive to women would include.

  1. Game
  2. Fame
  3. Fitness
  4. Money
  5. Sex
  6. Goals

Add all of these together, plus a man’s looks, and you will get a male’s sexual market value.  However, the key point is not to realize what these things mean to a girl individually.  For example, a girl by herself does not care if you’re famous, or what for.  But, she would love to show the famous musician off to her friends if she “scores” him.

A girl by herself does not care if you have a ripped six pack.  But, she would love to have you whip off your shirt on a hot summer day while at a pool party with all of her friends.

A girl by herself does not care if you make $250,000 a year.  But, she would love to show off to her friends the pictures from the expensive vacation you two went on together.

A girl by herself actually probably does care how you fuck her.  But, even more so, she would love to rehash the stories of your sexual prowess to her friends over their weekly girly gossip sessions in which you should never ask about or partake in.

A girl by herself does not care if you are an inspiring writer, or want to travel the world.  But, she would love to show off to her  friends what an ambitious, reach-for-the-stars kind of guy you are.

To quote tomorrow’s post about hacking your SMV value as a female:

In the animal kingdom that we live in, status is king.  The value of the man she obtains directly impacts the female, and dictates her own worth in society.  Naturally, everyone wants to be at the top of the hierarchy, looking down upon everyone else.  Females are naturally incredibly competitive creatures, especially amongst themselves. They want to show off, stab each other in the back for personal gain, and be more valuable to male’s than all of their friends.  This is exactly why you see the hot chicks with ugly friends.

Granted, in today’s poisonous society, females are becoming increasingly competitive amongst males as well – resulting in MOAR CATS for EVERYONE!  However, that is a topic for another time.

So, now that we have established that a male’s sexual marketplace value is directly impacted, how do you hack it as a male.  It’s quite simple, the social kingdom must simply perceive you as a high-value male.  In this case, it’s the girls friends.  How do you hack that, then?

It’s easy: you shut the fuck up.

Understand that when a girl introduces you to her friends, or talks about you to them – she is automatically going to shed you in the best possible light so that her friends perceive her as the queen bee.  It is completely within female nature to lie, embellish, and destroy each other.

If you don’t have money, or you have a shitty job, your girl will have at least sold you as an up-and-comer.  When pressed for questions, shrug them off and change the topic.

If you have a relatively successful blog, YouTube channel, or something else that gives you some e-fame, your girl will have made it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Roll with it.

If you want to travel the world but haven’t made any plans to do so, your girl will have told her friends about how you plan to do so “soon”.  So, talk in theory.  “Yeah, by next year, I want to go to countries X, Y, and Z.”

If you are fucking her good like you should be, her friends will all be jealous – because they get boring sex with pussy-whipped men who don’t know how to dominate a woman.  If pressed about your sex life, a smirk and wink will be all you need.  No needs for words to be spoken.

This is one of the easiest ways to increase your SMV, because her friends will think higher of you – raising your status in your girl’s eyes.  Truthfully, speaking less is more alpha than talking a lot, so that also increases your SMV.

Less is more.  So shut the fuck up.

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