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Bitter Old Men

On my ROK article:

I appreciate Trouble’s enthusiasm about red pill issues, but after a few subpar articles he has written, I would suggest perhaps he gain a little more experience before attempting to teach other red pill men. How much can a 22 year old new college grad who recently discovered the red pill actually teach us? Offer different perspectives, yes, but not “teach” much, per se.

Same old, same old, really.

Another old man who is simply bitter than he didn’t find the red pill at my age criticizing me simply because I’m in my 20s.  Yawn.

As far as the articles and their quality, there is nothing I can say to that.  Everyone has their own opinion.  If you dislike my work, simply don’t read it.  There are blogs I don’t enjoy, so I simply don’t read them.  Crazy concept, ain’t it?

I have lots to teach.  There’s hundreds of young men out there whose eyes are going to be flung wide open by stumbling across sites like my own and ROK.  Sure, my life may not be applicable to this guy at his age.  Much like his would not be applicable to mine.  You don’t see me spouting material and advertising that I have the best advice for 40 year olds though, do you?  Sure, game may be universal across all ages, but I recognize the vast discrepancies between gaming in your 20s and your 50s.

Much like many men who are unfortunate enough to not swallow the red pill until much later in life, his comment reeks of the typical comments they spout.  They’re simply bitter, jealous, and lack the confidence to appreciate my commentary for what it is and move on.  Only insecure men would feel the need to write comments like that anonymously on a message board.  A better man would take what he could and move on.

If you want to check out some “older” guys with the healthy perspectives, here are some links.  Make sure you bring your AARP card 😉

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