Am I Writing On Borrowed Time?

Danger & Play linked to one of his older posts tonight on Twitter and it got me thinking.  The post is called 10 Reasons the Manosphere is Fading, and I ended up asking myself this question:

Am I writing on borrowed time?  Is it only a matter of time until my pen has brushed its final stroke across paper?  Or, in today’s modern age, the last keystroke of my keyboard, which is a far less elegant-sounding way of making the same point.

Truthfully, hell if I know.  I don’t even have the slightest clue what I expected when I first fired up a WordPress installation with the title “This Blog Will Get Me In Trouble”.  The plan was just to write about causing trouble – namely picking up and fucking girls.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my blog would grow at the rate it has over these past 8 months.  And, maybe I should have expected it.  I’ve always been very successful at anything I’ve set out to do, so why did I think this would be any different?

Once again, hell if I know.

But, I sure can see why guys get burned out and elect to hang up the towel.  There are weeks where I scratch my head for topics, with no idea what to write about.  It is tough to crank out five quality posts a week for what is essentially a hobby.  Fellow bloggers, don’t kid yourselves, either.  For most of us, this is a side hobby where we get to have a voice and hopefully make an influence in someones life.  The number of guys who are making a true, livable profit off of their Manosphere work is very slim.

To do that is a lot of work.  Take it from a guy who has had some pretty damn expensive and time consuming hobbies over the years – go-karting, guitar, triathlons, mountain biking, all of which are easily capable of consuming 20 hours a week of your time.  My latest hobby is blogging, and it takes up a pretty large chunk of time.

And like I said, I don’t know how much time I have left.

Now, by no means whatsoever am I announcing my pending retirement – quite the contrary.  While sometimes I may go blank, for the most part, I’m still incredibly excited to sit down and write several times a week.  I have lots of ideas, plenty of drafts, and plenty of drive.  I just wonder if the pulse of my creative writing juices will come to a screeching halt one day.

Every page view, every comment, and every link to my blog just inspires me to keep on truckin’.

I know I’m a good writer, but I sometimes am blown away by how high quality some people say my work is, and how much they admire me.  Because ultimately, all I really do is sit down and start typing away.  My writing is not a process with conceived outlines, drafts, and final publications.  I just say what comes to mind and hit the publish button – I almost consider them rants of my day-to-day life.  If people find my content valuable and entertaining, then that’s fucking awesome.

I do plan to monetize this blog.  I have some many great ideas, and I’ve built the platform to launch them.  My goal is that this blog is bringing me $1,000 a month in additional income by the end of 2014.  It’s now in writing, and I have to work towards it.  Putting my goals out there for the world to see inspires me to meet them.

So, for now, I will continue causing trouble.  I’m sure Europe and NYC will give me plenty of writing ideas.  Come meet me and cause some trouble.

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  • I can relate. I started writing largely on a whim, and had no idea what an awesome community I was stepping into. Curious – what’s your plan for monetizing?

    • I have several book ideas. The first one is nearly done and will launch once I’m back from Europe.

      Other than that, affiliate links and maybe sell some services I’m talented at.

      Not looking to make a killing, but a few hundred bucks of relatively passive income is the goal.

  • You’re writing on borrowed time if you stop growing.

    Most guys meet a few decent chicks, settle down with one, and then stop growing.

    I’ve been at blogging for over 10 years now. As I’ve changed, so has the focus on my various blogs.

    If you keep growing and experiencing new things, you’ll never run out of stuff to write about.

  • Mike is right, there’ll always be stuff to blog about.

    For most, blogging is a cathartic experience. Sharing things (especially game related) that you wouldn’t be able to share with friends, family, partners (not so much now the lady found your blog). We share a similar point of view so we can chime in with personal experience and advice.

    Bonus if you can share lessons that can help others.

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