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The Diamond:Rough Ratio

@LaidNYC lets make a guesstimate. How girls are LTR worthy? My experience would say maybe 2 of every 50.

— Trouble Maker (@TruthfulTrouble) March 5, 2014

Now it’s time for the readers input.  Let’s answer the following questions:

  • Out of 10 girls, how many are worth actually seeing again after the first bang?
  • Out of 10 girls, how many of them end of worthy of being in a harem?  For simplicity’s sake, we’ll consider a harem member a girl you see once a week, primarily for sex.  There can be the occasional “real date”.
  • Out of 50 girls, how many of them are worthy of being in a long-term relationship?  We’ll consider this to be monogamous, in which you see each other 3+ times a week, and are at a point where families have been introduced to the other partner.
  • Out of 100 girls, how many of them are worthy of marriage?

I understand that these numbers are high, but quite frankly, if you’ve only been out with 10-25 girls, you’re unqualified to answer most of these.

I think you need at least 50 dates under your belt to get an accurate feel for these.  For example, if you’ve been out with 10 girls and ended up in two LTRs, your sampling is biased.  You are free to comment but you may be mocked.

So, my fellow troublemakers – how bad is it?

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