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Reader Mailbag: “Men Are Flawed”

Some guy named Josh emailed the entire ROK staff this email, but I feel compelled to post it here.  Faggot Josh writes:

Not a hate mail,
Men are flawed, men commit 90% of the crimes in the world, over 5 million men are in US prisons right now, homicides, violence, theft etc. Research yourself if you don’t believe me.

Feminism is about getting out of violent and shit relationships.

men could be a lot better. Look at the pyramids.

First off, Josh, have some more respect for your own gender.

Secondly, nobody in the Manosphere claims that men are perfect, or that men should somehow be exempt from committing crimes of great stature.

Thirdly, I won’t argue the statistic about men committing 90% of the crimes in the world.  However, I would argue of the moral crimes plenty of women commit.  Paternity fraud, divorce rape, etc.  Faking a child’s father and making him pay for it is as bad as say, forging bonds and profiting?  Perhaps women are just better at not getting caught, but don’t try to claim that all women’s moral compass points north.

Fourthly, feminism is not about getting out of violent, shitty relationships.  Maybe when the feminism movement first launched it was, but not in 2014.  In 2014, feminism is a way for the left-ward thinkers to push guilt off onto the right wing.  It’s nothing but a clever marketing propaganda.

To prove this, look no further than when women were granted basic rights.  At the point where fathers were no longer giving away their 12 year old daughters for marriage, all females had the BIRTHRIGHT to walk away from any “violent and shit” relationship.  A woman can no longer be forced into a relationship she doesn’t want to partake in, nor is she held within the confines of in one.  However, plenty of females stay in these violent and shitty relationships simply because chicks dig assholes.

That is a product of biology and not an indication that feminism failed.  Truthfully, if you turned the clock back, I bet you’d find that the original leaders of the feminist movement would think their campaign has been a smattering success.

Finally, to hate on the great pyramids of Egypt is shameful.  At the time they were built they were architectural marvels and are still some of the great wonders of the modern world.

Josh, please grow a set of balls.


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