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The Girlfriend, Two Months In


I have to give credit where credit is due.  After hanging out with Jeremy and Kaitlyn Sploosh, and observing their open relationship dynamic this past weekend got me to thinking about the current status of my relationship with my girlfriend.

It’s been roughly two months now since I made Holly my exclusive girlfriend.  Back when I interviewed with Pete on Manosphere Radio, we had agreed that a couple months in was a good point to evaluate where I stood.

Pete did a good job of summarizing it in an email to me while we were discussing the flow of the original interview:

Things will sort themselves out by March. Either you’ve kept her as a main girl but very casual and managed to maintain it, kept her on the side but then lost her to other offers/or her being sick of it, seriously dated her and things didn’t work out or seriously dated and stayed with her. No one’s going to kill you if you don’t write about game every week. If she cares about you enough you guys will do the long distance thing while you’re in Europe (long distance sucks, trust me). But it will take an additional effort to maintain all your current activities in addition to a girlfriend. You must decide if she is worth the extra expense (you would probably already know if you asked yourself out loud).

At this point – we’re still seriously dating, and I’ve stayed with her.  And frankly, against the popular belief that I would quickly grow tire of the same labia, I’m quite happy with the girl.  Of course, I would be lying if I said I didn’t kinda miss chasing girls and fresh tail, but overall, I’m very content with Holly.  She has been a fantastic girlfriend so far.

We’ve had tiny little spats and been fine, and she so far has been a “fair” fighter.  Unlike my ex, who was just batshit insane, but that is a story for another time.  She has allowed me to lead and has become ever sweeter.  Formerly never a particularly skilled cook, she has been trying new recipes, prepared to cook for me when I got off of work.  After long days, that’s exactly I understand.  While she might not understand the magnitude of it, I think it’s worth mentioning for any other girls reading this.  It’s the little things that count.

Men do not care about how much you make, they simply want a sweet, feminine girl.

Yes, ladies, it is really that simple.

So far, too, she has continued to be the low-maintenance girl that she was when we dated non-exclusively.  I definitely had fears that she might “flip” a switch as soon as we reached commitment – simply because I’ve really never been in this situation before.  I never had “options” when my one and only ex and I got together.  I was worried that knowing I wasn’t sticking my dick in other places would cause her to lose a lot of attraction for me, directly resulting in her bitch level rising to levels I would find tolerable.  And that then, I’d have given up my mini harem for a cunt.

That hasn’t happened, nor do I think it will.  I came to terms with it.

Yes, it can be difficult to let somebody in.

But, if you keep growing, it makes everything a lot easier.

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