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How To Get Laid Through Online Dating By Matt Of The 3 Bromigos – Book Review

get laid through online dating

My fellow young gun Matt of the 3 Bromigos just released his brand new eBook – How To Get Laid Through Online Dating.  You can see the full release of the book here and check him out on Twitter if you want more information regarding the book.

I’ll start off by saying that I personally gained very, very little from this book.  I’m a pretty proficient online dater myself, though.  However, if I had had possession of this book when I first started my online dating endeavors, the results would have come much faster, there would have been more lays, and far less banging my head against the wall.

And truthfully, that is one of the best compliment I could give.

Matt starts the book with a great breakdown of what online dating really is, and what it should be used for.  And that is sex.  Simple penis in vagina, and nothing less.  Granted, there are some exceptions to this, as I met Holly online, and it gradually grew to a relationship.  But this is absolutely the exception, not the norm.  The book does a great job of doing a quick “Game 101” summary which boils down to this:

Girls are not special.

From there, the book dives into four major dating websites (OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Badoo, and Tinder), their efficiency, and how to best utilize your profile and messaging system on each individual platform.  Matt’s book does a great job of actually giving valuable advice to filling out your own personalized profile – rather than many other online dating books, which encourage you to simply copy and paste their own template.  The problem with that is that there ultimately ends up being hundreds of guys that bought the same book writing the same profiles.  Instead, Matt uses great personal examples that can lay the foundation towards coming up with your own clever remarks.

You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  This book teaches you how to be self sufficient.

The book also goes into photos to include on your profile, and then the type of messages to send.  The messages he does give as an example are gold (I had come up with a nearly identical “What to say when a girl views you first” opening message), and are superior to the usually crap that guys send to girls.  He gives examples of what the competition does send, and I can attest to them, having set up and run a fake account with a hot girl, myself.

You’re paying for a book that teaches you about how to get girls on dates, and how to utilize online dating platforms for the most efficient bangs.  How To Get Laid Through Online Dating does exactly that.  I’ve read quite a few books about online dating, and I can honestly say Matt’s is definitely at the top.  Rather than other PUA-centered books which focus on gimmicky lines and simply retarded profiles, Matt’s book actually lays down the laws of the red pill

If you listen to the advice in his book, you will see more dates, bangs, and success from online dating.

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