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The Modern Birth Control Scam

I have a theory. Hold with me.  It’s getting rather late at night, and I’m a little…well, drugged.  I accidentally bought drowsy Claritin instead of non-drowsy, so I’m feeling a little bit high and loopy.  In any case, I have figured out a key scam of society. Birth control pills, IUDs, Plan B, and even […]

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Why Do We Root For Women To Hit The Wall?

Daddy’s flown across the ocean Leaving just a memory Snapshot in the family album Daddy what else did you leave for me? Daddy, what’d’ja leave behind for me?!? All in all it was just a brick in the wall. All in all it was all just bricks in the wall. Quick, pop quiz.  Where is […]

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Google Search

Okay, okay, yes, I am blatantly ripping off LaidNYC’s idea of doing a mailbag of search terms that people have found ThisIsTrouble.com through.  It’s too good to withhold. Check out his original post and follow him on Twitter. “married mans sex life” That’s a myth, kinda like unicorns. You should play the hand you’re given. […]

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Who Can Date My Sister?

A commenter by the name of Mesmerick left a comment on my post about my little sister. Dude, I can understand your frame here but be open to the possibility that your being harsh on the guy. Under what circumstances would you be happy for your sister for any guy she was dating? Why does […]

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My Little Sister’s White Knight

Enter, stage left, my little sister, Michelle. This is her first year away for college.  She attends a pretty large university here in California.  Admittedly, it has not been the easiest first year for her as a college freshman.  First, two weeks into the first semester, her high-school and long-term (several years) boyfriend broke up […]

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Every Man Should Have A Best Friend

This is a follow up to this post and was originally at ROK. I will never forget the day that we picked you out from your litter. Amidst 9 yellow Labrador retriever puppies, you were the one marked with the hint of light blue on your tail. Your two brothers were marked with red and […]

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Daddy, Please Stop Calling Her A Princess

Dads Of The World, Why in the name of Disney would you ever call your daughter a princess?  Per Merriam-Webster, the definition of a princess is as follows: prin·cess noun ˈprin(t)-səs, ˈprin-ˌses, (usual British) prin-ˈses: a female member of a royal family; especially : a daughter or granddaughter of a king or queen Ah, you […]

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Valentine’s Day Field Report

One of my girlfriend’s sixth grade students got her an $80 necklace on February 14th. Read that again.  $80.  Granted, I’m sure he didn’t buy it (and I think his mom is also a teacher at the school), but holy smokes.  Eighty fucking dollars. Needless to say, the kid blew me out of the water […]

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A Test Of Your Game – Reader Answers

Here is the scenario I proposed yesterday: I’m walking down the street in between my two buddies.  I’m rocking a navy blue blazer, sharp dress shoes, and perfectly groomed facial hair.  As I’m walking, a cute girl makes eye contact with me.  She’s about 5’7″, with a killer body and long, brown hair.  As I […]

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