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This Is Trouble Top Ten for 2014

Trouble’s Travels XV: The End Of The Road We arrived in Los Angeles at about 11:15pm, and got back to San Diego around 2:00am after stopping for some much needed Taco Bell (yeah, welcome back to America…). I was glad to be home. But, a day later all I could think was: “How can I […]

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Red Pill Christmas and Family

About a year ago, in honor of the holidays, I penned this article over at Return Of Kings. Quick recap: By the time Grandma B had finished turning my cheeks a brighter shade of red than Rudolph’s nose, I had had enough of her bullshit. I called her on it. I looked her dead in […]

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7 Differences Between Los Angeles and San Diego

I’ve had the great pleasure of living in two great California cities in the last five years. I spent my college years down in San Diego, and a couple years after graduation. I loved the city, most of the time; enough to write a book about it. Recently, if you’ve been AWOL on This Is Trouble, […]

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The Player’s Christmas List

Hoe-hoe-hoe, Merry Christmas! Any man who plays the field would wish for the following items. The Player’s Christmas List 1.) A flake free week. 2.) Condoms…or not. 3.) Booze – because it gets you laid. 4.) A new guitar. 5.) A new book, perhaps? 6.) A girl with a pure soul and open mind. 7.) […]

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