What Would Happen If A Cruise Ship Sank?

Would feminists shriek if men left them to die first?

I’ve been really busy with the holidays, catching up with family and whatnot.  Regular programming should resume tomorrow, but this is food for thought for the weekend.  Look for the new post Monday.

  • Ashley says:

    I don’t know how many other women have this view, but men should have just as much of a chance at making it off the ship as women. Now I understand the reason behind the “women and children first,” rule. Children are prioritized, and women are seen as the primary caregivers of children, so it’s a package deal. I think children should be prioritized, but we have to get rid of seeing women as a more important caregiver than men.

    • I’m curious as to what you think it means in regards to feminism.

      For example, when the Titanic sank, old school values were still around. Men protected, women cared. Men also had more rights…one of which was to die first.

      So with that being said, now rights are equal. How do you think women would react to men pushing them out of the way to get on a life boat, though?

      • Ashley says:

        A lot of them would be shocked and unhappy and think it to be rude and inconsiderate and probably make a comment or two. They are probably in the mindset of being put first in a situation like that. Other women would probably just push back, or claw and climb their way over everyone else to get to a life boat.

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