Groupie Guests (Reader Mail): Online Game - This Is Trouble

Groupie Guests (Reader Mail): Online Game

Anmol and I had an email exchange:

Looking for some advice/tips on online game if you have any.
Just to make this more focused:
1) About me section. Any advice on what to put here? What message you are trying to convey?

2) Sending a message. This part I seem to be having trouble on.

Any advice or pearls of wisdom I would really appreciate that. Thanks!

1.) It depends what you want to convey.  It all has to be congruent to the rest of the profile.  Sarcastic?  Put-together?  Keep in mind that most guys fill their profile with their accomplishments and bragging, so lay off of that would be one piece of advice.  It also depends how old you are…I’m guessing mid to late 20s.  At that age, you can still get away with the dripping sarcasm I have on my profile.  Try taking a look at these profiles and try to mimic them, they’re excellent:

Notice the vivid descriptions, subtle demonstrations of value, etc.

2.) I just cut and paste bullshit.  Couple rules: don’t compliment looks, don’t mention a date in the first message.  Just play cool.  Find some good copy and paste messages and see what works best.
I’ve had good success with:

“I’m looking for an accomplice to rob a bank.  You look like trouble.  You down?  PS: <insert snippet about her profile you found interesting>.”

Once I get a response, I usually send this:

The only question remaining now is if you’re a cool girl or a crazy one.  My money is on crazy 😉

Once again though, it depends on your profile.  Mine is so cocky and sarcastic I can get away with it.  From there, if she says crazy, I immediately start flipping the tables and make it sound like she’s hitting on me, or if she says she’s not crazy I call her boring and then she starts qualifying to me.

Final tip of advice: what pictures are you using?

Got two pictures up, one dressed up in a bow tie, and other one in swimwear clothes in Mykonos, Greece. Any shirt off pics ok you think?

Shirtless pics are okay as long as you’re doing something. Playing volleyball at the beach?  Yes.  Surfing?  Fuck yeah.  Bathroom selfie? NO.  I’ve had better success with one or two pictures, with my main one being a black and white photo of my side profile playing guitar.

ALL GUYS: if you want to do online game, it’s like window shopping.  Pictures are vital.  I like to keep it to a minimum, and use one, TWO photos max.  The less they have to say “no” about, the better.  Don’t give them an excuse to reject you.  The most important thing is congruency.  If your profile is cocky as shit like mine, you best have the messages and wit to keep up.

Otherwise you’ll get blown out, just like in real life.

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