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Update on 2013 Goals & 2014 Goal Setting

I wrote this list of goals when describing my journey back in September.  Here’s how they turned out:

  1. Continue writing this blog.  I have already been featured on some big sites and am starting to average close to 100 hits a day.  UPDATE: done.  I’ve got my own fucking column now.
  2. Save $7,000 $3,500.  Done.  It’s going to…#6, as planned.
  3. Finish a technology eBook I’m working on.  Not done…changed courses and am writing a San Diego dating guide instead.
  4. Find a candidate for an open long term relationship, and lay the groundwork for that.  Done…kinda.
  5. Bang 9 new girls. (9 8 7 6 5 4 to go) <– probably not gonna happen.  I’ve averaged 2 notches/month this year.  Apparently I thought I could nail down 9 more in less than 3 months.  I will try though.  Not done…
  6. Figure out London/living situations for the near future.  I’m taking a trip to Poland, Czech, Switzerland, and NYC in 2014.
  7. My night game and online game are both sharp.  I need better day game skills.  I may have to move to make it happen, so this goes hand in hand with #6.  Done.  I’ve had some success with daygame, direct and indirect.  Need to continue sharpening it though.

Nobody sticks to their January 1st goals.  Mine start now.


  • <10% body fat.  Full six pack.  I’m close but just need to buckle down for a month.
  • Take a weekly picture of my progress.
  • 50 pull-ups in a single set.  I’m at 30 now.
  • 10 pull-ups with 2×45 lb plates hanging from my waist.
  • Figure out how to juice and do it.
  • Get my mountain bike out once a week.
  • Play basketball twice a week.


  • eBook #1 released and on sale by March 1st.  Second one by September 1st.
  • Get promoted/figure out my job situation.


  • A “viral” post at ROK much like the recent “Eating Disorders” article.  My “20 Reasons” article was mini-viral in itself.
  • A minimum of 5 blog posts a week.  I’ve been really good at one a day for several months now so I don’t anticipate this being a problem.  I do think posting everyday is going to burn me out and be overkill, though.
  • 1,000 Twitter followers.


  • One dedicated daygame session a week.  Minimum of 3 hours.  Right now, it’s not feasible to do it every day for me.  But…if I’m my own boss in a few years, it will be.  This will let me sharpen my skills in the meantime.
  • 25 new notches.
  • My first threesome.
  • Solo nightgame one night a week.
  • Get “in” at a local bar, can go hand in hand with the previous point on this list.


  • Take my planned Europe/NYC trip and approach at least 250 hundred girls over these two and a half weeks.
  • Finally make the mods to my Mustang I want to do.
  • Stick to my 21 daily habits.
  • Try one new recipe a week.
  • Decide where I want to live and make a plan for it.
  • Meet more fellow writers/readers in the Manosphere.
  • Vegas!  At least once.  Phil, did your parents buy that damn condo yet?!

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