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Manosphere Meetup: Sploosh In San Diego

Hey, dude!  I’m wearing a bright red shirt, I look like Santa Claus.

Ho ho ho, everybody.  Sploosh is coming to town!

I strolled up to the 27-story hotel rocking a blazer and jeans, duffel bag in hand.  I saw a tall guy with a bright red shirt standing outside smoking a cigarette…standing next to him is a blonde.  Jeremy recognized me from a distance and we greeted with a bro-hug.  He introduced me to this girl that was smoking with him, “Texas”.  They met in the elevator on the way down.  She was already immensely attracted to him, her body language gave it all away.  She was putty.

Not a bad way to start an introduction to a fellow Manosphere blogger, eh?

I don’t feel like writing this whole thing like a narrative, so I’ll cut to the chase.  Jeremy came down to San Diego this weekend to party for his buddies birthday.  He and I got a penthouse room, which was baller status.  The plan was to try to pull as many girls back as we could.  Unfortunately, Man Diego got in the way of that…again.

It was a fun night, regardless.  Jeremy got his notch in before we even hit the bars in the clubs, isolating Texas and sealing the deal before bringing her down to meet the rest of his crew.  We rolled out to Tipsy Crow and managed to talk the bouncer into giving us (all 15) free cover.  I got in and started opening a bunch of sets…but admittedly I drank a little too much, and a lot of it is hazy.  We rolled to another club after that, which had probably 8 dudes for every 1 chick.  This didn’t stop me though, as I hooked a couple of girls that were visiting from the Midwest…but ultimately, I just couldn’t get anywhere.  I opened up a few more sets in that club, but didn’t make enough leeway to pull with anyone.  I thought I had a reasonable shot to nail the only single girl in Sploosh’s group…but the ten other guys with us were all her orbiters, it seemed.  I managed to isolate her on the dance floor for a few minutes and was starting to get some good grinding going, until one of them cock blocked me.

Ultimately, we were all too drunk to get to another place, so Texas, Jeremy and I picked up Subway and retreated to the penthouse suite.  I passed the fuck out on the couch and he nailed her a few more times.

Fun night.  Wish I’d grabbed a new notch, too, but I got one the night before so I can’t complain too much.  Sploosh is the real deal.  Look for some good things from him and Kaitlyn in the coming months and years.

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