Groupie Guests: Edition II - This Is Trouble

Groupie Guests: Edition II

Reader Bill writes…(fyi dude, I responded directly but got a delivery failure)

I stumbled upon your blog after discovering ROK, and I like what I see. The posts and comments you have made regarding the encounters you have had with women is really remarkable, and has opened my eyes a bit… I have 2 questions for you: 1) About that girl who goes to a Catholic university that you banged in the butt…I can understand why you lost respect for her after the encounter. But do you like anal sex? Also, do you ask every girl you’re about to bed if they’ve tried anal before, or did you ask this particular girl because you wanted to see how far you could take things with her? And did you use lube and/or a condom when you fucked her, or did you go raw dog? 2) How did you meet these women? Did you pick them up right of the street (after getting their numbers) or did you meet them off a website? If the latter, which website? Peace, and good luck. I wish you the best.

Well, kinda personal questions…eh, since when am I PC, anyway?

1.) Anal sex is okay.  It’s more of a power thing than a pleasure thing.  I prefer pussy for feel and texture but anal sex just makes me bask in masculine power, I feel like.  I ask just about every girl sexual questions, anal sex preferences being one of them.  I used lube and a condom.

2.) I meet some online, I meet some via daygame, and meet some at bars.  It all varies.  This one particularly was when I was running an experiment using  OKCupid is better though, and free.  Match is good to use once every six months or so for some fresh prospects.  Couple “ coupon” and get a 3 month subscription for $35 bucks or so.  It’s worth it.  Note: this is in the 18-25 age range.

Sumayah writes:

Curious to know how you landed an engineering job with a b.a in economics (presumably). Did you have the tech skills like programming on the side or was it just networking?

It was a combination of having a lot of technical skills and the right connections.  I’ve always been good at the technology stuff.  Connections are everything.

Some Canadian girl writes:

I guess some woman must have burned you pretty bad at some point for you to write about them so terribly. I hope that you eventually realize that your opinions are just as scathing as what has been done to you and that your blogs could be wrongly effecting certain people.

Surprisingly, not really.  I’ve written before that I had a shitty long term relationship and had my heart stomped on once or twice, but nothing that a month of working on myself didn’t heal.  I do hope you see the flawed logic though.  My opinions are scathing?  That’s a load of shit.  They are just that, OPINIONS.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  If people feel it affects them in a negative way, then don’t read it.

I fail to see the correlation between having your heart broken and reading a blog.

Reader SEB showed me this…so be on the lookout when you hand a girl your phone for her number, gentlemen.

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