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My Weekend With Fellow Blogger Lucky Lothario

I think it’s important that as us bloggers meet fellow bloggers, to write about our experiences with each other.  No doubt that in this corner of the Internet, there’s a lot of keyboard jockeys.  Guys that have game theory down to a T, but it’s all in their head.  They’re actually nearly incapable of opening their mouth and talking to a girl.  Therefore, I think it’s important, that as I meet fellow Manospherians, to write about my experiences with them and attest that they can back up the words they regurgitate from their keyboard to their blog posts.

Last weekend I hung out with fellow young gun, Lucky Lothario.

Lucky came into town rather last minute on a Saturday and we had a blast.  We talked to tons of girls, he got to see some of the sights around San Diego, and we even recorded a jam session I may eventually publish.

Saturday night we went out with one of my other buddies who I actually met through my blog.  We went to PB – I figured downtown here is nothing compared to what Lucky has in London or just had in NYC, anyway.  He was a little surprised at how horrid the ratios are, he said the “Man Diego” name holds true.  Logistics are terrible, too, as he realized.  Pulling a chick back from PB to my place is a tough deal (roughly 5 miles).  I managed to snag a couple numbers though and Lucky was able to get a makeout while I ran interference on her lesbian friend.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get them back to party more at my place, or he would’ve gotten it in.

The next day we went to my old stomping grounds, San Diego State, where all the sorority sluts mingle.  While for a Sunday it was kind of dead, Lucky managed to hook a single set and grab a quick number from an 18 year old cutie, and we opened a couple two sets that went well but none were able to get together later that night.  One of the funniest parts of the weekend was when I pussed out making an approach to a brunette with bright blue eyes while we were wandering the campus.  I let her walk probably 50 yards away before Lucky gave me a slap on the ass and told me to get after her.  I chased her down in a dead sprint (bitch was walking fast!) and opened direct.  Really glad he gave me that kick in the ass I needed, as it hooked really well and she dropped a “You’re going to text me, right?” as I closed the interaction.

To conclude, Lucky Lothario is the real deal.  Fearless approacher, solid game (except the time when he went to take a shit while winging my target’s friend…still don’t know wtf you were thinking, dude!), and overall a cool guy.

My reaction when I found out why Lucky went to take a shit when winging me.

Keep an eye out on his blog as I predict he’ll be up and coming when he buckles down and starts posting consistently.  I can’t wait to hear about his entire journey of hitchhiking and bussing across America.

‘Til next time, mate.


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